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It's a discovery-driven journey to a destination where ideas are exchanged and innovation rules. Miamiā€”a hot new tech hub connecting Latin America, North America, with the rest of the world. Discover emerge Americas. Thousands arrive from around the globe each on a different path. Through smart cities and even smarter opportunities, it's compelling and inspiring speakers. Please join us in honoring all of you today. Miami is the crossroads of the Americas. You've got a lot of entrepreneurs that want to come there and they want to help a young person take an idea and move it to the next layer. But if you work for a technology company, you're effectively telling stories about the future. Your business is not a business unless it's global. I think all cities are looking for is a predictable way to generate common values across time and space using a Smarter Cities approach. One of the things I really love about the emerge conference is that it's all about making connections for people across different types of technologies and across different borders. There aren't many events that feature both Pitbull and Deepak Chopra. It's never about making it guys, it's always about maintaining. You are not just consumers. You are makers. Amplify human experience. It allows us to exert and unleash deep-seated human needs and desires like never before. Here in Miami through the Knight Foundation, emerge America is working very, very hard to build the entrepreneur ecosystem. How far behind is the US government when it comes to digital technology? So this is the new era, a consciousness-based, ecosystems-based, systems-based biology that looks at every experience that you have. The networks of NBCUniversal reach 90% of the 56 million Hispanics living in the United States today every month. As soon as I heard Miami and let's take over the world, I said, "I'm in." It's powerful partnerships broadcasting live to the world showcasing innovations, opportunities, and cutting-edge ideas. [50 countries, 125 startups] [200 speakers, 500 companies] [10,000 attendees, 1,000,000,000 media impressions] A launchpad for innovation, always revealing something new. Say, "I was there capturing the moment and passing it on." And like every great destination, it leaves you changed. - Join the movement. - Join the movement. - Join the movement. - Join the movement. [emerge Americas, Miami 18+19 April 2016] Be a part of something big.

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