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Marlee Matlin,

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-(narrator) Actress Marlee Matlin is best known for playing characters that don't let disabilities get in the way. It's a role she's been playing most of her life. -(interpreter) When I was 11, I remember thinking... I think I might have had a bad day... but I remember thinking to myself, "when I grow up and become an adult, "I'm going to write a book telling the world that it's okay to be deaf. And that nothing will stop me from doing or being what I want to be." I didn't think of what kind of stories I would be telling or what kind of stories I would write. It didn't matter to me at the time. I just knew that I wanted to be able to communicate with the world. -(narrator) She's on her third book now and recently was in New York to promote her latest story about a deaf girl who wants to be an actress like other girls her age. Matlin's own experience is that disabled people are seen as different. That disabilities are something people prefer not to have to think about. -(interpreter) The majority of disabled people find it difficult because Hollywood is all about labeling actors and stereotyping actors. You know, there's a funny story that I... I did a show called "Reasonable Doubts", a television series with Mark Harmon. And the executive at the studio who was in charge of the television series came to visit the set and came and talked to the executive producer of the show. Watched me at work for a little bit and said, "You know what? "That Marlee Matlin is great. She's fantastic. Is she going to be deaf for the whole show?" (laughter) -(narrator) She often says that the only thing deaf people can't do is hear. With access to communication and the right tools, people with disabilities have shown themselves to be productive workers. -I once had a roommate who had a physical disability and he was a...he worked in book publishing... and he was an avid reader and because of his passion and I think because of from his physical constraints and such, he was just reading...he read more books than anyone I could ever imagine. -And held her shoulders back and her hands at her sides, so that Jill stood with quiet authority. -(narrator) Of course, that comes as no surprise to Marlee's fans. -...the plane is going to crash. -I think she's extraordinary. She's...I'm horribly jealous of her. She has too many talents and she's beautiful and she's nice and she's smart. -(woman) Thank you. I loved you in "The West Wing." -(narrator) Whether she's signing autographs or signing to be understood, Marlee Matlin known the signs are right for people with disabilities to take their place as contributing members of the work force, just as she's managed to do. Captioned by SpongeSebastian for

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Actress Marlee Matlin is best known for playing characters that don't let disabilities get in the way. It's a role she's been playing most of her life.

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