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Steve Jobs death

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Washington, DC at the Apple Store, people all over the world are mourning the loss of Steve Jobs, Leo La Porte, host of nationally syndicated, Tech Guy radio show on Premier Radio Networks he's the founder of his own Internet based technology network. He has interviewed Steve Jobs many times, Leo, what goes through your mind on this sad day? LL: You know, we were so prepared for this, but it's still such a shock and so sad. I'm really trying to focus on celebrating his life. This is a guy who lived his life exactly as he wanted to. It was said that he exceeded every goal he ever set for himself. He was a guy who lived his dreams and changed our lives as a result. WB: What was it that made him so amazing, was it his education, his family, background, growing up in California? There must have been some spark there that created this genius? LL: What are the ingredients that makes somebody like that? He was a college drop out, it wasn't his education I think that there was something inside him that drove him to exceed. He didn't care about what other people thought. He cared about making great stuff and he succeeded every step of the way, He stumbled occasionally, made mistakes, wandered in the wilderness after being fired at Apple and yet he kept coming back. I think it was his extraordinary drive that really made him the man he is, or was. WB: In your interviews with him, what was he like as a person, was he easy to get along with, did he like to chat, did he talk about sports or baseball or something, or was he simply focused on technology? LL: Oh no, Steve was very focused. There’s a famous story about him coming into a conference room and somebody starting to chat about the weekend and him saying “Can we raise the tone of conversation here?” He was a “get to work guy.” When Steve walked in the room it was really apparent immediately, that he knew he was the smartest guy in the room, usually he was absolutely right. He was down to earth, and later, in the last few years he really didn’t do many interviews. He didn’t trust the press, he didn’t like the press He wanted to control, very tightly control the image of Apple, his own image. He was a control freak in every sense of the word and yet, he inspired us all. I mean, without Steve Jobs you wonder, where is the excitement going to come from in this industry? WB: That’s a good question and I don’t think anyone really appreciates that. Leo, thanks very much, Erin Burnett is still with us as well. Erin, you covered this story, this technology story for a long time over

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Steve Jobs death and biology.

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