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Denis Martin, PSA - Group culture

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It’s true that we put a great deal of emphasis on local management. Local management has, in many cases, and from a social or union perspective, more or less relinquished control. But, this is nothing new. Companies have not always known how to instill a sense of responsibility among local managers. Within PSA, our strategy involves encouraging local management to resolve problems where the problems exist, on-site. This is where problems ought to be resolved. We must remember that the head of the company will never be capable of resolving each and every problem. Furthermore, we must remember that problems often offer an opportunity for progress. I steer away from French skepticism. However, this requires a major cultural shift. New difficulties, resulting from the crisis, are a source of progress. At the company level, our responsibility is to rethink all areas of balance There are some extremely strong areas of growth. Things are going to pick up in China, and we must be present there. These evolutions change the current state of affairs. We have not yet realized, in old Europe and especially in France, that values have shifted, allowing for new types of problems to arise. We see the emergence of new managers in China or Brazil who are expected to take on new responsibilities within our corporations. This is going to change things. We must prepare ourselves for this, for a management team that is much more open and international. We must also learn to question what we do, and we must do this quickly. Flexibility has become a very important value within management and within the company.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 12, 2010

Denis Martin explains the importance of local management in order to be as attentive to employee concerns as possible. In addition, he highlights the cultural difficulties that will arise when foreign partners become more and more involved in a company.

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