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The Cure For All Cancers And Diseases | Dr Hulda Clark | Le Remède Pour Tous Cancers Et Maladies

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ZERO POINT FILMS Presents: The Cure Chapter I The Cause Cape Cod Massachusetts Yes. In 1998, when I was running for office for State Representative not only was I, probably extraordinarilly fatigued, I had a sore throat, continuous sore throat, started going to the doctor looking for some assistance and didn't get any, I realized it was something wrong. Eventually that lead to having my limphnodes swelling and I went to a doctor -- throat doctor sometime in February, and he felt I might have lymphoma At that point I decided to go to one of the Boston hospitals. I felt if I was going to go and have an operation or having kind of problem, I should go to the best, so I went up to ??? , and, at that time, after having a biopsy of the tongue, was found to have a tumor in the back of the tongue, Now, the operation they were proposing for me was pretty invasive. I had second, third, forth and fifth oppinion, so I went on to another hospital in Dana Farber, and I spoke to the leading directors of all the departments in Dana Farber wich is a leading cancer hospital in Boston, probably one of the most famous in the world, and they too substanciated that I would need this very invasive operation, which would mean cutting part of my tongue. So it wasn't a very happy kind of situation that I was looking forward to. Then, aproximatelly three and a half weeks I went in for a test I had to go for a preoperative test, because I was still proceeding as if I would have a traditional operation. And we went through the test, CAT scan, all of the other operations, The day after the test, the doctor called me up and said the operation was not going to be necessary. And I said "Why?", and he said "The tumor was gone", and I asked him what it was and he said it was a miracle. Who was this that said it was a miracle? This was now a doctor William Montgomery, he was a ...??? and who's world renowned doctor who I had started working with, who seemed to be the most empathetic and understanding and also the most accomplished in throat cancer. So what was his advice? His advice was: "Keep doing whatever you've done." And I kept the treatment going. I hope to actually encourage alternative medecine in the State of Massachussetts I've also worked very hard to get other women legislators to support this and sponsor it. And I think we're going to make great strives, because what we need to do is to give people an alternative choice prior to surgery, prior to radiation and chemotherapy beacuse I've seen people have all of those and yet have tumors come back. Hi, my name is Mike McElrea. I am a personal trainer and nutritional consultant here in Santa Monica, California For the last five years I've been using dr. Hulda Clark's method for healing parasites and clean people's bodies of polution. She's discovered that those are the two things that cause cancer. She has also discovered that this is the cause to many diseases. In her new book, "Cure to Advanced Cancers", dr. Clark will introduce you to the way that you can actually cure yourself and your loved ones. What we want you to do over the next few minutes is to watch the specific doctors and scientists and patients explain to you how they cured themselves, and dr. Clark explain the method in which she's discovered tumor formation as well as cancer. And you too will be fascinated as we were. Now, with no further ado, dr. Hulda Clark. Every disease that I saw in my office over a period of say ten years, had a dominant parasite involved. I remember I was testing everybody for a set of parasites about 70. I list every parasite in the book, wich ones I was testing for. and to my surprise, if you had diabetes it would be Eurytrema -- the pancreatic fluke pancreatic fluke. Diabetes is a disease of the pancreas. What about the fluke that you've talked about? The Fasciolapsus Fluke How do we get that into our body? It's in the meat in the dairy industry excepting culture foods we are just discovering that culture foods, and this will go into the book, culture dairy products do not have these parasites. .... We know how all the people watching you squirming at home, because they all think now OK, I understand I have parasites in my body and we all do, according to your research, So, according to your research you found that all humans have this, and as long as we're healthy we're OK with them because could handle it. My next question to you is how do we rid ourselves of these tenacious bacteria parasites and virus. Do you have an answer to that? The answer that I came up with, already in the first books, was the hull of the Black Walnut tree but the hull has to be green There's something in the green hull that kills everything I ever tested for. Which doesn't mean everything, but, let's say close to a heavy parasite varieties. So you're telling me that in all of our pharmacology all the millions of dolars spent with research in cancer the native Indians who were using this hundreds of years ago, already had the solution to cancer? Those who were, yes. But I don't know how much lore, folklore there is around this herbal product and there are many other herbal products out there. I'm sure that must be other things that can do the same thing. So you found this to be the best product? Yes, and now we have a freeze dried product which is even more poten than the alcohol extract. that we call a tincture. and the apparently freeze dry preserves some extra elements so that you don't even really need the cloves and wormood with it. Now, not enough experiments have been done, so that I can say you'll never need them. But a person can now use a freeze dried variety and be saved the extra chore of taking so much cloves and wormwood. Munich, Germany I started to be very very interested in the relationship between parasites and the Candida. So my first thing was I looked into the books from the clinics. Books on parasitology, and to my own surprise when you read books on parasitology they would say that on some of the parasites the fungus live on the skin. That is known in the clinic. That is not something new. I read dr. Clarks book and I see that she sais the fungus could live in the parasite. The the thing does not really contradict itself, on the contrary. And there was the explanation, because those people we could not get through with the fungus therapy, they had parasites and on those parasites they had fungus living. The moment we attac the parasites is exactly the moment we got through in the fungus therapy. So from that moment on I was very very interested and I started to read all those books and then I got all the parasites I could get a hold of. In the mean time I have more than ninety or a hundred parasite. You could see all those. This is a kit I developed which now in Germany is being very popular especially in all people working with a ... They test with this kit there are more than fifty parasites in there which are all the Flukes and all the Nematodes all the Cestodes It is not enough. My experience is that it is not enough just to treat a fluke. .... You also have to see all the stages and it is not allowed that any stages would be on any system left. Because if it does and the patient got better but then we saw that sometimes the cancer can start again. And when it starts again we fond that again the busky has developed so we have to make sure that everything is out of his system and that the immune system is stabilized. So we have a relationship with two parasites in cancer: Clostridium bacteria and the Fasciolapsis parasite, which you call the fluke. How did we get that? The Fasciolapsis larval parasite belongs to the malignant development the Clostridium belongs to the premalignant or tumor growth part of the whole process. How do we get them? That has been the subject of my research of what's in the "Advanced Cancer" book, of course We eat Clostridium bacteria because they're everywhere in dirt but we don't get sick from eating Clostridium in dirt we eat a common little parasite in dirt called Rabbit Fluke it has a scientific name too and that rabbit fluke brings in Clostridium, sort of like the Trojan Horse brought in soldiers they are within, so after eating raw food, with nearly all the food that you think it is perfectly safe Carrots? -- Raw carrots, yes. In cook carrots, yes, because this parasite, the rabbit Fluke, does not get killed by boiling temperatures. We test all the food for our patients for three moulds ............ I see those moulds, that is the mycotoxines that they make. Not the growing mould itself. But the mycotoxines they make are dreadfuly toxic and I always see them in Tenesse patients right in the tumor, I'm not sure what the significance of that is but when you find it's a common denominator for tumors it does make you think it's important. And where does the Patulin mould come from? Patulin is found in other fruits and plant materials too but apples is where we get most of it. You can hardly peal an apple without seeing a mould under the peeling and that would have Patulin in it. Is that what we see in the brown spot? Yes, that's what the brown spot is it isn't really a brown spot, it's a mouldy spot. How do you suggest we prepare a fruit and how should we eat it? Mostly don't eat it. Peal those fruits, peal the potatoes, peal the apples peal the pears, peal the peaches, peal everything, and then you'll be astouned at what you have been eating. What's your concern with the relationship with the pet and the sick patient? Pet dander and pet saliva and pet filth gets into everything in the room I have tested dust from the room of a home where there was a pet just a cat, as much as I love cats, or a dog there are ascarids everywhere and tape worm eggs everywhere on the table top, on the kitchen counter, on the chairs, anywhere you want to take a test sample. And why wouldn't there be? Our dander is everywhere and our germs are everywhere why wouldn't theirs be? And what these two parasites do to the body? They are very injurious ascarids are some of the most damiging to us

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The Cure For All Cancers And Diseases | Dr Hulda Clark | Le Remède Pour Tous Cancers Et Maladies

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