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Perfekte røde læber - læbestift guide til Marilyn Monroe look med Liz Kelsh | Max Factor Danmark

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Hi, I'm Liz Kelsh and today, I'm going to show you how to make glamour happen with a makeup must-have...the perfect lip. I'm going to create it in a striking red in just 3 easy steps. [STEP ONE PRIMING YOU'LL NEED... LIP EXFOLIANT LIP PRIMER] I've exfoliated Remy's lips which removes any dead skin and means your lipstick's not going to cake up, and added a little primer. So now lets get to it. [STEP TWO PRECISE LINING YOU'LL NEED... LIP LINER IN RED RUSH LIP BRUSH] I'll be using lip liner in 'Red Rush'. Starting at the outer corner of the lip, just work your way in, following the natural lip line. Next, I'm just bringing the lip liner in a little more. Blend the liner in using a square lip brush. [STEP THREE APPLYING LIPSTICK YOU'LL NEED...COLOUR ELIXIR LIPSTICK IN RUBY TUESDAY LIP BRUSH] I love this lipstick. The color is called 'Ruby Tuesday', it's from the Colour Elixir collection which has an in-built moisturizer that keeps your lips looking really soft and supple. And a great little tip for this is to really stretch your lips while applying the lipstick. Not only will it last a lot longer but it gets into all the creases and gives a much fuller pout. To make a bold statement with a matte lip, simply just add a little translucent loose powder to give a matte finish. [THE FINAL LOOK] The perfect red lip and super easy to do. [CHECK OUT THE OTHER TUTORIALS] Compliment this feature look or try something new. [SUBSCRIBE TO MAX FACTOR ON YOUTUBE] Check out the other tutorials.

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Max Factor Danmark præsenterer: 3 lette trin til perfekte røde læber med Max Factors makeup-artist Liz Kelsh. Hun viser hvordan du lægger en præcis lipliner og afslutter med en smuk læbestift. Køb Max Factor makeup online hos

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Denne læbestift guide viser ét af de ikoniske looks fra vores Creative Director Pat McGrath. Det er skabt som en hyldest til Max Factors 100 års glamourøse forvandlinger. Looket er inspireret af 1940’ernes sexbombe Marilyn Monroe. Få vores makeup tips til denne smukke fest makeup og opnå den kokette charme, som hendes uimodståelige læber udstrålede med Max Factor Ruby Tuesday og Max Factor lipliner. Denne perfekte læbemakeup blev første gang genskabt på Gwyneth Paltrow for Max Factor – en forførende farve, der virkelig gør indtryk.

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