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Children are better consultants on life than parents. Sadhguru

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coming closer to home, what do you suggest for lot of us who have have children here What are the things we can be doing to sort of put them or at least follow some of the ideas that you've shared with us? don't infect them so whenever a child enters a people's lives they always think most people tend to think it's time to teach No. When a child enters your life it's time to learn because between you and your child who is more joyful? Child. so who should be a consultant for life? definitely he is better qualified than you isn't it? you know of few survival tricks you may know how to earn your money yoy may know how to handle your survival tricks outside but when it comes to life he's able to make any simple situation a joyful situation definitely he must be the consultant for life. isn't it? so child has come means it's time to learn it doesn't matter how glum you are if you have a child in your house unknowingly you will laugh unknowingly you will play unknowingly you will dance unknowingly you will crawl under the sofa do not think you have done for long time isn't it? once a child is there it's like a bundle of joy bouncing all over the place and unknowingly you start doing many things the child is doing so the most important thing is don't infect a child with your what you call as adulthood this is not adulthood. okay. this is just suicide in installments don't infect the child with that you have to learn to live like him to make any situation into joyful wonderful situation it doesn't matter what you give him a piece of wood with that he makes his life for the whole afternoon. isn't it? isn't it so? with anything he can make a situation wonderful for himself you just have to learn that too you have to teach him a few survival skills that he will learn anyway you can also guide him a little bit but those things anyway he will learn so the most important thing that you need to do especially in a society like this where the moment the child steps out you don't know what influences are going to catch him up you don't know what is going to swallow him outside when you're living in a situation like this the most important thing is stop acting like a boss and see when you were growing up if you whatever problems or whatever when you had did you go to your parents or to your friends? whom did you share it with? friends and your friends whichever way they are not qualified to guide you but in their own way with great confidence they put you onto something isn't it? why is it? why is it that parents who have been with children right from day one can't be good friends you just have to get off your pedestal that's the most important thing stop being a big boss get down and be a friend if he has anything you should be the first person that they share with. isn't it? Yes. that's a very important safety net for the child that if you're the first person they want to talk to ...whatever it's .. it doesn't matter what their problems is if you leave that level of openness and friendship with them if they come to you first every possibility that they won't get lost on something. Isn't it? that's a simplest thing you can do whichever way every human being has its own limitations and possibilities the only thing is to create a situation and atmosphere so that their possibilities and their capabilities are not lost in something else. Isn't it? that's all you can do you can't re-create that human being but you can nurture that human being to his ultimate potential. that's the whole thing so the most important thing is this the parents should get off that pedestal and start treating them as equals and this can't happen suddenly when you think he's smoking then you try to be his friend. Please tell me what are you smoking It's just tobacco then he wont healed and that point he wont healed by then he his god is defences right against you this has to happen right from childhood you know but he never sees you as somebody who's pushing him around or bossing around or all the time advising him about something that you're very much of friend, he can talk to you and you talked to him as an equal if this is maintained right from the beginning when things are when he's developing and when there are possibilities of he's taking wrong steps and things like that he will be the first person he comes to that's something we have to build. Isn't it?

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A parent asks Sadhguru how they can bring Isha home school ideologies to their children at home. Sadhguru explains that when a child is born, it's time for the parents to start learning, to not infect the child with adulthood and survival skills, to be a friend. Who is more happy, joyful? Parents or Children, so its the children who should consult the parents (AO67)

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