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Hubblecast episode 85: Ode to Hubble

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On the 24 April 2015, Hubble celebrated 25 years in orbit, and the world celebrated with it. As part of the global celebrations, ESA/Hubble launched the Ode to Hubble video competition, and the results were remarkable. To celebrate the public contribution to the Hubble mission, the Ode to Hubble competition encouraged people across the globe to produce creative videos to highlight how Hubble had inspired them. In the “born in Hubble’s lifetime” category, for those 25 years and younger, the winners were Halley Davies and Martin Hellmich. And here they are to talk about their winning video! Our video has some stop motion to it, we have photos that Hubble took and it basically goes through how we started seeing the stars from the ground, but we couldn’t get up there, we were only able to paint. And how, through science, and through Hubble, eventually step by step we were able to actually have eyes in space to see the Universe. Video created as part of the ESA Ode to Hubble Competition in celebration of hubble's 25th year in orbit. Ultra Deep Field 0.0016 deg^2 Ultra Deep Field 10,000 galaxies Everything we can see! 100,000,000,000 (100 billion) galaxies (at least) If you hold your hand up That is over ½ a billion galaxies Behind your hand! Imagine all the amazing places out there... Hubble has opened our eyes to how much there is to explore. Thank you Hubble for taking us on an adventure through the universe Inspired by the deep field images, which broadened our perception of the universe. Similar to when Galileo first looked through his telescope, we discovered the unimaginable. The winner of the second category, for the over 25s, created a very different Ode. Desiré de Palacio combined images of the Universe with her own photography of our planet and the human form to show how Hubble has inspired her. My video is divided into two parts. In the first part I make a little reflection on the way that Hubble discoveries have inspired on me. And, in the second part, I show a sequence of my own creation of photographs that were inspired by Hubble images. Video created as part of the ESA Ode to Hubble Competition in celebration of Hubble's 25th year in orbit What does Hubble mean to you? The universe was a cold and hostile place. Laps in the dark are always a challenge. to face our fears. We create our own light, just to discover our deepest self. A long lasting task. How could we stop gazing at the stars for so long? Thanks to Hubble we have done it again. With its gaze, this gape has been filled and now I feel the Universe as home. How has Hubble Telescope inspired you? The powerful videos created for the competition are a testament to Hubble and to the artists, space enthusiasts and astronomers it has inspired over the last quarter of a century. The shortlist, and the entries that were not chosen, include many more videos well worth watching. Take a look and explore the realms of creativity, hours of hard work and the unique takes on what an Ode to Hubble might look like. Transcribed by ESA/Hubble; Translation by — Now that you've caught up with Hubble, make sure to get the latest from the ground, too. The ESOcast highlights the best of the European Southern Observatory and its powerful telescopes that observe from high in the Chilean Andes at the southern hemisphere's best-known sites for astronomical observations.

Video Details

Duration: 10 minutes and 2 seconds
Year: 2015
Country: Germany
Language: English
Producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen
Director: Mathias Jäger
Views: 139
Posted by: esahubble on Jun 1, 2015

To celebrate Hubble's 25th birthday ESA/Hubble asked the public to produce and submit short videos illustrating how Hubble has inspired them. This new Hubblecast episode presents the two winning videos. The episode also introduces us to the creators of the videos and they explain how they produced the videos and the inspiration for creating them.

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