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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on Samsung Galaxy Tab

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[♪drum beat♪] [open screen project] [♪upbeat music♪] [ADOBE® FLASH® PLATFORM] Hi, Ben Forta here. [Ben Forta - Director, Platform Evangelism - Adobe] You've got to see what I have here. This is the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is a 7-inch device running Android 2.2 and Android 4.0. It lets you do everything you'd expect: videos, apps, email. It's actually even a phone. It also lets you browse the Web. If you are going to browse the Web with a device like this, though, no compromises. You need access to the whole Web, and that means you need Flash. And what's really cool is this device has Flash Player 10.1 built right inside it and so that when you browse the Web, inside your browser you have access to everything, including Flash. Let me show you a couple of examples. I'm going to fire up the browser, and the first site I'm going to here is This is the Adobe Flash showcase for mobile, and it's a collection of sites and categories that you could browse through and try out Flash on your devices. The first one I'm going to go to is Kongregate. It's a gaming site. And I've got a whole bunch of games over here. I'm going to start off with this Shoot! Mobile Edition. So then we launch the game and turn it sideways and play, and it automatically goes into full screen mode, and I'm going to play normal or hard. I better do normal. And there, shooting down some spaceships, grabbing some little green guys down there, and you see this is really nice. The video is really good quality, and the refresh rate is great. All right. Let's jump out of that one. So let's take a quick look at Flash video. I'm going to go to my own web page. There's a lot of text here, and I can zoom in, zoom out. If I go to the bottom, I've got some Flash video here. What this actually is is the MAX Unaward widgets. As I hit Play and the video starts, zoom in and go full screen. [♪jazzy music on video♪] That's playing really, really nicely. This is video being served by Flash Media Server and playing on the device in Flash Player 10.1 right inside the browser. [♪music on video continues♪] So there you have it, access to all of the Web: games, Flash video, video served by Flash Media Server. Because this device has Flash Player 10.1 on it inside the browser, you have access to everything. If you want to try out these examples for yourself, visit [] If you want to learn how to build apps like this, visit us at the Adobe Developer Connection. [] Thank you. [off camera speaker] All right, Ben. Thanks a lot. That was awesome. But I need to get that tablet back to Samsung right away. [♪drum beat♪] [off camera speaker] Hey! Hey! Hey! [♪upbeat music♪] [...and they lived happily ever after.] [♪♪] [camera shutter clicks] [♪♪] [ADOBE® FLASH® PLATFORM] [♪♪] [open screen project]

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Posted by: adobetv on Oct 21, 2010

Ben Forta, Adobe Evangelist, shows off Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on an exciting new device—the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is one of the first tablets running Android 2.2, and with support for Flash Player, this 7-inch tablet delivers a PC-like web browsing experience on the go.

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