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Toy Story 3 (2010)

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(Andy) Watchout! Waa! Mom! (Mom) No-no-no-no, just keep playing. Pretend I'm not here. Does the red light mean it's going... ♪I've been cold, I've been hungry ♪ ♪now for a while ♪ ♪I guess most of my dreams ♪ ♪ have come true ♪ (Mom) Andy's going to college - can you believe it? (Andy) Mom, I'm not leaving till friday. (Mom) What are you going to do with these old toys? ♪'Cause I'll never get over ♪ ♪Losing you ♪ ♪ No I'll never get over ♪ ♪Losing you ♪ (Rex the dinosaur) Don't you get it? We're finished - obsolete, over the hill,... (Woody) Now come on guys, we all knew this day was coming. We're getting thrown away? No, no one's getting thrown away. (Slinky Dog) We ain't ever getting played with. Hold - this is no time to be hysterical. (Hamm) It's the perfect time to be hysterical. (Rex) Should we be hysterical? (Slinky Dog) No (Mr. Potatohead) Yes (Buzz) Maybe, but not right now. (Hamm) Come on, let's see how much we're going for on Ebay. (jack-in-the-box) New toys! (Rex) I'm going to get played with! [door slams, kids scream wildly] [slurp] Oh. . Oh - where's my nose? (Mrs) Here it is. . Here's your arm. (Mrs) Gimme that! That's mine. . Honey? The moustache? We're bustin' outta here. (Buzz) On three - one,... (Jessie) Three! Whoa! To infinity and beyo... oof. [clunk on floor] (Hamm) To reset Buzz Lightyear, insert paperclip... Rex! Use your finger. [spring] Did you fix Buzz? [mariachi music] [speaking foreign language] Errr, sort of. [speaking foreign language] Oh no. Oh yes! The return of the astro-nut. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 29, 2010

Captioned version of the Official Toy Story 3 Trailer

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