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The Venus Project interviewed by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations - Part 4 of 6

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-a lot of bankers. -Yes. So, since you've got that system, you have to go through all the hell that is projected by those conditions. That's why, you keep asking me..I don't control society, I'm just telling you, probably, which way they'll go. If the public can be informed, that is if I can get to CNN, if I can get to NBC in the states... If I can get to people there's a chance. But if they won't have me on the air, you're going to go through another catastrophe. That's the difficult thing isn't it? When someone like yourselves are trying to produce something as wonderful like the Venus Project... ...and get that off the ground. Certain networks are run by those in power, they're not gonna want to give you the air time are they? It's very, very difficult. -No, it's more and more consolidated. The people who own the media, it's getting less and less companies that are owning the industries, the media... ...and the armament. So, they don't want anything to get in the way with the way they do things. They don't want anybody talking against it. And they have that control. Unfortunately. -Now at the moment we see things kicking off in Iran... The next thing that we're going to start to hear is "weapons of mass destruction" _We've got that. - And it just seems to be perpetual. There's always something, they're always blaming someone for something... ...and starting a war somewhere. How do we stop that from happening? -Let me tell you something. The american government has 300 submarines... ...each one has more distructive power than all the wars in history. What can you acomplish with that? -Destruction. -Then they made a place for senators to go, under a mountain... ...with six months of food. What do you come out to, a burnt out cinder of radioactive world? How stupid can you be? So I do a lecture called "The limitless dimensions of human stupidity". And that's what it's about. People don't know, and you have to get this information out there. Soldiers for example, are killing machines to me, and may train how to kill. We would train soldiers as problem solvers, send 'em back to school and give them the worlds problems. And teach them how to be problem solvers in ecology... ...human behaviour, bridging the difference between nations. How do you bridge the difference? So I said to myself when I was designing this new society... How do you know you can change people? I said I dont know. I was talking to myself. So I said, "Why don't you do something to see if your system works?" So, I joined the Klu KLux Klan in Miami, and I disolved it in a month and a half. Then I joined the White Citizens Council, they hate foreigners. I disolved it in one month. Then I asked questions in New York, I said "What are the most backward people here?". They said "The arabs". I said "What makes you think they're backward?" They still believe the earth is flat! So I said "Well, I've got to go in there and disolve them." So I worked out a system for doing that. And I now know how to go to different countries and change them. -It's all about education, isn't it? -Yes. So, we have to start really with the children. Teach the children well. No, no, that would take too long, there'd be a war long before that. -Well that's a thing, are we gonna blow each other up first? -We don't have that much time left. We don't have that much time. So right now we've got to make major motion pictures that change society as it is. By the time the children grow up, the earth will be contaminated, completely. There's a point of no return. - It already is. And so you...human beings think they are the greatest creation of nature... ...they're spiritual beings. They put themselves on a pedestal. And they're the ones that are poisoning the air, killing each other, in the name of God! Do you believe in my God? No? BOOM!..If you believe in your God, so... -Do you believe in God? -No, of course not. -What do you believe in? -Oh I believe that if you want a better world, you have to get up off your butt and make it better! -But, do you believe that there's a force, an energy... Not a man with a long, white, flowing beard. -Is nature harmonius? Well is there an energy, a creative force behind everything, what do you really think? -You mean the sun in relation to the earth? -Possibly, possibly. A conciousness even... -Well we're not concious. That's a word people invented as an ego problem. The reason you can't be concious 'cause you can't see radio waves here... You can't see germs, they're all over the place. So, you're only as concious as your receptors enable you to be. Can you understand that? That's why you can't be... -Do you understand the hundred monkey syndrome? Have you heard of the hundred monkey syndrome? -Yes, I know Kenneth Keyes, he used to attend my sessions. -Ok, ok! -The guy that wrote the book, and it was all made up. It has no basis of fact. -It's all made up? -Yes, no basis of fact. -There are many books and papers that debunk that, in different ways.- Oh really? That's interesting. -'Cos a lot of people do seem to believe that. -Doesn't make it so.-Now, Kenneth Keyes said to me... Well, maybe not the hundred monkeys, but the conciousness itself, people link into it. -No, no such thing. -No? -No. Because, you take an american indian. He thinks "forests are good. I speak to trees". They do... ...and they are people that think the "Booboo tree" controls everything. You would reject that off hand. And people think there's some intelligence in nature. Some kind of harmony. So I look at nature and I see all the big fish eating all the little fish. Now if you wanna call that harmony, I see tsunamis that drown thousands of people.. I see earthquakes that cave buildings...What do you mean by harmony? If you look out into the universe there are solar systems that explode. Do you call that harmony? So, when you're brought up with this metaphysical magic... -Natural. -Well, it's the natural laws of the planet, the universe. -They don't give a damn about people. You know, if there's stress on one part of the planet, something's going to happen somewhere. She's gonna blow, as they say. -Yeah, what do you mean by harmony though? Well, I mean harmony within people coming together as a conciousness, thinking. -Why do they have war if there's conciousness? Well because, as I said, there's certain bodies who want that, yes. -Ah, some people want that... -Because it's good for family business. -What's good for UNconcious? -We're asking people... -Most people don't want their children to go to war or to be blown up. So, I think that would be about 99% of the planet actually. -We're asking people to come together with a methodology of how to make...the intelligent management of the earths resources. Not a conciousness that really doesn't have much meaning... ...or has a different meaning to everybody that you talk to... But, how do you grow plants better and quicker? How do you make people more creative and cooperative? How do you eliminate crime, poverty, you know corruption? And we look at what are the causes of these types of things... And then design a society that outgrows that. And we call it a Resource Based Economy. Where all the goods and services are available to everyone without money, barter, or any type of credit or servitude for anyone. And so we're trying to make a methodology. Where people might say "Well, that's a higher conciousness", or people would be more concious. -A collective conciousness. -But it's really not that. -I don't mean where people all just think as the one and they're all drones... ...again 'cos we're kinda going back to nearly where we are at the moment... But I just mean where they can work together and, like you say, as scientists and creators. -Well, a lot of people in the old days who talked about conciousness and flowery words... ...their wishes and aspirations, and their philosophy. But, what we're advocating is not that... ...but it's a method of how to achieve what all those people who have desire for higher conciousness... How do you do that, how do you achieve that? How do you achieve a world without war, crime and bigotry? But, people who talk that way, haven't really gone into the field and studied that, studied human behaviour. Studied how you change people and what is the root cause of those types of thing, and that's what we're dealing with. And, devising a world where people can work together and be creative and there's no more "want". People don't need to be charitable 'cause people have access to things... ...that' what we're talking about in a Resource Based Economy. In the Venus Project. So, to see this beautiful future where we all come together, I think it all has to come down somehow first... ...because I think people will continue to live their lives the way they are... ...their sons will, you know, well their sons will still join up and go to wars... ...because that is what they're taught, they don't know any better. Until hopefully, your pictures come out and people can see that. But most people are quite peaceful. And we do want to live in a harmonious society. But, back to the original point... There's those in power who won't let it happen. So, I just want to say on this kind of finishing note really... ...If you had a message, could just talk to people out there, what would your main mesage be just to bring people together? -Look up "The Venus Project". We answer thousands of questions, show you what the cities would be like. What the schools would be like in the future... ...and the people don't do that. People ask me "How long will it take to make the world a beautiful place? It's not up to me... It's up to you! What you do out there. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. So, my message is, look into the Venus Project... Don't project your own values of a lot of scientists dressed in grey... You will work in area D! You area K! That comes from Hollywood! Where the future they burn each other with laser weapons... Robots choke the designer... That's Hollywood hacks, writing about the future, which they know nothing about those things.

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The Venus Project interviewed by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations - Part 4 of 6

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