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UPAY makes billing and payment simple John is concerned with his bills getting paid… It takes so much time for him to organize his bill payment Each bill has a different period and method of payment Phone bill Electricity bill Water bill It gets too complicated to organize and pay the bills John's main bills are: phone, electricity, water, insurance, car, like we all have ! Time passes by… Is payment of bills taken into account by his provider ? How can he be sure? John calls his provider...And of course he has not received the payment yet John has to find quickly a payment method to send money to his provider But he doesn’t have a bank account neither a credit card. However he can pay cash. John must go out to pay his bills in cash ...and time is money Is there a faster solution ?

What are the main methods of payment? UPAY is a simple solution, it's fast and less expensive… UPAY is connected to conventional and online network payments Thanks to UPAY, John can pay all his providers with the most low-cost and convenient How does that work? UPAY proposes a large variety of functions... John opens a UPAY account for free and he credits his account with a voucher recharge bought from a UPAY shop UPAY notifies the sender and the receiver about the transactions by e-mail or SMS So, he opens his account by sending a simple command by SMS: upay open john 123456 Then he buys a voucher recharge from a UPAY shop John credits his account with his recharge To credit his account he sends: upay load john recharge 987654321 by SMS But he still doesn't have enough money topay his bills, so he ask to Mary, to make him an escrow pay So she checks her account to see how much money she has Later, Mary decides to do some online shopping and... ...thanks to her fidelity, the merchant send her a voucher coupon To pay a provider, send: upay pay john to shop1 50 USD, by SMS Through an agent, John recovers his electronic cash as simple cash With UPAY, Josh manages to pay his providers simply and quickly Thanks to UPAY, he spend more time with his girlfriend. The inconvenience of payment management is finished BEFORE it was chaotic, NOW, it's simple UPAY makes the payments way more simple and low-cost

Video Details

Duration: 1 minute and 54 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: United States
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Director: youpayto
Views: 412
Posted by: youpayto on Jun 13, 2012

youpayto : upay a smart way to pay, ...

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