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SDSU Marketing and Media

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The new information I've learned about the marketing industry since going through this program I think would be just how varied it really is. And that there's so many routes you can take. That it isn't as cut and dry as "I'm a marketer and this is what I do". That it's almost like a really great great example that Chuck Dunning gave was, people saying "well, I'm a doctor." There's so many different specialties so saying you're a doctor doesn't really define what you do, the specialties really do. It's kind of interesting. It gives you the skill set to look at things with a little bit of a critical eye. And be able to see how well you're doing. Some of the highlights were not only having instructors that were professionals within the industry because it really showed their passion for it which you can't necessarily get always from a professor, who, their career is being a professor and second is within the industry. I also learned a lot from the other people in my class. Some of the experiences with the classmates. One, being it's an adult learning environment and that a lot of the people that are in the course have different jobs so it's one; they want to be there, two; is there's a very diverse group of people from different jobs different walks of life. People look at the numbers more. How much is it going to cost me and how long, how much time is it going to cost me? One, it's after normal working hours in which I kinda like. Two, it's a building block and it's continuous. One class builds on the next on the next. And if you miss one, it comes back around and you're able to pick that skill set up. The advice I'd give a student just getting started in the certificate program is It is only as powerful as you make it. And it really is all that you make of it so jump on it and take any opportunity that you can.

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Posted by: sdsuces on Feb 22, 2013
Testimonial video from SDSU CES' Marketing and Media Certificate Program.

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