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Nikola Tesla Biography 1/7_english subtitles

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Nikola Tesla in the second year of my studies we got Gramo Dynamo from Paris which had a horse-shoe shaped laminated magnets and wire wrapped armature with commutator they switched on the device and showed us the different current effects while the prof. Pöschl demonstrated spinning machine as a motor brushes were creating problems because they were making sparks and I remarked that perhaps the work of the engine was possible without these brushes But professor declared that it is impossible and the entire lecture devoted to this problem and finally stressed Mr. Tesla he might do great things but but it is certain that this will not improve. That would be the same as the reverse one constant force such as gravity into rotational. This is 'Perpetuum Mobile'. Impossible idea! But instinct is something which surpasses knowledge. for some time i had wavering thoughts impressed by the professor's authority but I was convinced I was right and I took the task to solve it passionately and with limitless youthful confidence Professor Pöschl, of course, represented the level of technical development in those time, And Nikola Tesla had in his head thoughts that were greatly surpassing technical development of his time There is a quote of Professor Pöschl, where he says Nikola Tesla is a very good student but that what he imagines he will never be able to transfer into reality. But in the reality Nikola Tesla, managed 20 years after he left Graz to carry out the idea of alternating current that was disputed in their discussions. In his memoirs, Nikola Tesla wrote about professor Pöschl as very important person for his development. Tesla needed 12 years to prove that he was right and that his machine is achievable He was so much obsessed with it that that he protected patent of his motor except in America only on one more place_in front of the prof.Pöschl's nose in Wienna reportedly he decided to quit school in Graz not returned, from vacation to a third year of study, because he didn't found a solution for his claims and discover a new engine and thus never completed his studies. half a century later, on that same Polytechnic School in Graz Johaneu Tesla was declared to be an honorary doctor of science. I firmly believe in the rule of compensation and the true rewards are always in the ratio with work and sacrifices Nikola Tesla Since he was no longer studied and did not want to return to Gospic, Maribor was selected as a place to stay. In a small factory he was working as assistant engineer and enjoying the lascivious life Almost the entire time that he stayed in Maribor he visited guest-house the 'Jolly Farmer' (Veseli Kmet) he had to live somewhere and where it was we have not found because he didn't have permanent residence In 'Jolly Farmer', they say, that he played a lot of poker he played billiards and say, harps and it was said that he had also a few ladies who were happy to see him, he was at that time a very nice young man and he liked to see young ladies at this time.

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Autobiography_Life stories of Nikola Tesla genius of modern electric era

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