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Pierre Vallee - Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada - French (Global Lives Project, 2013) -12:30:00 - 12:59:59

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You could have a little nap for example. --I had one already. -- This morning? You'll have to give me a hand with the cleaning of the swimming pool. I will use the vacuum and you will pick up all the toys. --Pick up what? --The toys. -- Are you going to vacuum right now? -- Uhum.-- Is the water warm? No, but once the vacuuming will be done, we will bring the tarp. We are not going to start warming it up quite yet. The forecast calls for rain all weekend long. -- They aso forecast that for today.-- -- For today? No. -- Yes. Everyone was saying: "Oh, Valcartier is going to be boring. It is going to rain. And it is going to rain everywhere." And same at La Ronde. In the end, it didn't even rain. -- That's true. Here, they say the rain should start around 7pm. --Exactly. They leave Valcartier at 7pm and then leave La Ronde at 8pm. --7pm? From Valcartier? They are only getting here at 9pm?-- --Or maybe they get here at 7pm? -- -- Don't know. -- I don't know either. I only saw 7pm and then 8pm. I don't know what time they were supposed to leave or arrive. -- Who went to Valcartier? -- It was just Justin, Roger and Antoine. And other people. -- How come you forgot to bring back the paper?-- -- We didn't think about it. I told Mum one evening. She put it on the counter. We'll do it tomorrow morning. And we just never thought about it. I had to bring it back on May 17th. So... -- Yeah... That's just about 3 weeks. -- Yeah. -- Yes but... Yes, but... it's not like you never go there, for example. We went to both places last year. -- That's it! -- And, did you get your interview with Radio Canada?-- No, they didn't come looking for me. -- Well... Maybe Madam Roy thought it was too much. -- Yeah. There's a lot of dirt at the bottom of the pool. -- Yeah. Did you check how long scooter lessons take? -- I am going to ask someone who just had his licence. --Who?-- -- Charles-Olivier Bergeron.-- Do you have his number? Ah, you're just going to text him? -- Well, I am going to write on his Facebook.-- Ah, okay. Is there.... Where was he going today? --Charles-O? Dunno.-- Search for driving school in Trois-Rivières. They'll give you an answer directly. -- What do I write? Driving school?-- --In Trois-Rivières. -- I'll do it later. It doesn't work properly outside.-- --Why doesn't it work?-- It's slow.-- --It's slow? Slower than inside? Oh, yeah? -- I couldn't even get any network in the garage.-- Is that right? Well... Slowly, slowly, slowly...No, No. Did you put the dishes back in the dishwasher? I'll go do it. I'll do that. I am going to put my shoes on and then, we'll do the swimming pool. Okay? --Your shoes?-- Yes. --Your bathing suit first?-- No, my shoes. --You're going to be... -- No, no. -- the swimming pool.-- Not warm enough for that. -- Yes. And last week, you wanted to ??? -- Yeah, but that was different for you guys. It was warm. It was warm in ??? -- It is warm. It is 20C. -- Yes, but last week, it was 30C. --Yeah, it's the same.-- The dog can't go inside the swimming pool fence, okay? --Yeah, I know. He can run away at the back. -- He runs away from over there. -- In the corner, there. It is been twice since the beginning of the year.-- -- Do I need to pick up the toys?-- The toys... There are flippers, here and there. Put them in the box, and then put the box near the bin. And then the lid on the bin. There's a...-- There's a box? -- Up there, put it there. The blue box, it is there. It's not there? Maybe I brought it back to the shed. -- Okay. Put something on your feet. -- Yeah. I am going to put my most beautiful luxury shoes.-- No, but the red shoes we bought you last year, you don't wear them very often. --No, but...Takes too long to put them on. -- Oh, yes. You are in a hurry, aren't you? --Yeah. -- Very busy schedule.-- Yeah. It takes too long to put them on. -- No, but you know. I can just slip on my other shoes. That's what I need.-- -- Ah, yes. You'll bring the garbage bin inside. Oh! Oh, oh, oh.-- Well, that's too much to do. In addition, the red shoes that take too long to put on.-- It's going to take you a good 15 minutes. 20 minutes at the most. What? -- That's 15-20 minutes too many in my life. -- Yeah. -- Check where the cat is. -- Where is it? -- He is sleeping in the cabinet???-- Yes, but reopen the door because if he stays in there, and he needs to go out, there is going to be a problem. --Yeah.-- --Can Lasco go outside?-- No. --No?-- No.-- But Pudding could. -- Yeas, but not this one.-- Why not? What happened to Pudding? He was hit by a car. So...-- Yeas, but... --Why do you think he can't then? What? -- But that's because Pudding was blind.-- Careful, doggy. -- Dad? -- What?-- Is the dog outside?-- Sorry? -- Is the dog outside? -- No, he is inside. -- Be careful because the fence door is going to be opened. --Okay. -- Done? -- Heu, yes.-- --Well, thank you very much! -- Well, than you. -- See you next week.-- Have a good week. -- Thanks, you too. Stay here. Stay there, stay there. Go over there. I found the blue bin. -- I found my laser saber.-- Ah, you see. -- Wait, wait. I have my cell phone! I have my cell! -- Ah well, if you have your cell. That's alright. If you had a case like mine, you wouldn't be able to say that. -- But I don't have one. -- Don't even think about it. Zach. Can you bring this back to the shed please. -- How come we have life jackets here? -- I don't know. This is the first time I vacuum the swimming pool this year. So... It's all dirty. -- Well, well. We have a lot of tubas. -- What? --Tubas.-- Yeah, we won't lack air. -- Yeah. We have about 40 of them.-- -- Do you know what has too much air? Bags of Lays chips.-- They have too much air? -- These days, on Facebook, that's all there is. Like... There are ... like pictures. And they say... One day, somebody said: You can't buy air. Well, that's wrong! And here, they show a bag of Lays chips. Humm, there is a lot of stuff. -- Would you like some soup, Zach? -- Miam! Your jokes are really low.???? Is there chlorine in the swimming pool? No? -- Yes. -- Ah, yes. Here, Zach. I am going to give you the other that is...-- At the bottom?-- Yeah. Put away the life jacket that's on the chair. The... The towel. The hose can go in the shed. And the small blue net can go in the garbage. -- In the garbage?-- In the garbage. -- Why is that? It doesn't float? -- It is broken. -- How?-- Because... It came back here and then, it broke. You... Are you in a rush? -- Why?-- You were supposed to clean the bin. -- What? Clean the bin? With what? --With a rag. -- Well...-- Take this. ` -- I don't know. The cleanest one. -- This one. Dampen it. And then, after that, take everything out of the box. Get rid of the samaras and everything else so that the box is clean. After that, put the toys back in the box. -- I can see you. Patrick. ` Wait. Ì'll tell you. I am going to move closer. Now, you can come. I am close. So close that I can get a handle in the camera. --Careful, the dog! He can't go out. -- What? -- The dog must stay inside. --Ah. -- Phyli, get back inside the house. In the house! Ah yes!-- -- Heu, I would need like.... a vacuum to suck everything that's in here. Humm, miam! Okay. Dad, there's nothing left in the bin. What do I do now? --What? -- Is there a vacuum I can use to suck everything that is at the bottom?-- Use the Shop Vac. Go get the Shop Vac in the garage. -- Heu, but... Just for the samaras? -- Yes. You can just dampen the cloth and then do it three-four times. Whichever you prefer. You get to decide. -- Yeah.... -- Yeah, yeah, What a choice.-- No, but... You are going to need the extension with the Shop Vac. Don't plug it here. Behind the chair. When we vacuum like this, the air must be removed from the hose. If there is any air left, the vacuum is lost and it is impossible to suck. When the hose floats like that, it means there is air left. -- Do I need to plug the hose in the top hole or in the bottom hole?-- What? -- Do I need to plug the hose in the top hole or in the bottom hole?-- The bottom hole, to suck. And then the top hole to blow. -- Do you think it is long enough like this?-- What do you think? -- Arghh.-- -- Think about it. -- Shoot. -- There is one in the shed. Zach, I am not sure this one is going to be long enough. -- No?--

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Language: French (Canada)
Producer: Karen Vanderborght
Views: 83
Posted by: globallives on Oct 1, 2013

Pierre eats last night's dinner with his oldest son. He takes care of the dishes and then cleans his swimming pool.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Pierre Vallée, who works as a commercial ship pilot on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. This forms part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

This video was produced by Karen Vanderborght, Catherine Genest, Rébecca Lavoie, Ariane Lorrain, Marianne Ploska, Patrick Pearce and Yanie Dupont-Hébert. 

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