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Morning, boss I mean, you know me that I am the auditor for today Alright, it sounds so surprising that you have an auditing much earlier right. Anyway, I see that you all are using a new chemical. Can you tell me what chemical is used? We use a chemical named Addictive X,you know for the new product. Care to explain about that? The Additive X is cheap, easy to get and can be mass-produced That's why your sales increased a lot. Congratulations,man. -Thank you Next,I would like to ask, since when Additive X is safe to be used by bare hands, without gloves I mean Do you get my question Its not safe. Just look at the photo here and explain it to me. -What,this is not my staff. I dont know about it. -This is not, I've just talked to him this morning. OK I wil tell my supervisor about it. Becaue talking about chemical X, I've heard of that before and if you handle this with bare hands, he or she may get sick even though it may be awkward -Really Is that my product? -It is your product, if you don't know Because unfortunately i have to say, this one action led to another huge incident. -What is that? DO you know that the entire social media was in an uproar last night I've never heard of that Recently, 27 girls aged 18-25 your target customers were in the hospital treated for extreme dizziness, fatigue and gastrics. and most of them were triggered through Chemical X a product of your slimming pill -and you are gonna be so famous Its Ok, never mind because it's too late. Can you explain why, once again why do you prefer chemical X? DO you know how dangerous is that? I know about that. I' ve heard of that. Then explain to me. Why are you still using still using Chemical X when you know about the consequences. -Of course, for profit. To gain my setup. To boost You want to boost your set-up that's why you use that? -Yes Then do you know,number 2? DO you know that Chemical X, it cannot be used in mass production? -I know but Then you know about that but Why are you still using it so openly? -Bcecause I need to save my company from bankrupt That's why I use that chemical because its cheap and easy to get. YOU COULD HAVE JUST SAVED YOUR COMPANY FROM BANKRUPTCY If not for that wild marketing campaign where almost every supermarket is promoting it so openly. Chemical X is a banned product Do you know that? -Yeah. I know. Some places are banned THEN YOU ARE SELLING IT SO OPENLY. This is extremely unethical of your company to do that. OK. But that's .. I must do that because .. I must save my company from bankrupt This is not about your company for now It's about the... -Its for this Is that Instead why are you selling because of the testimonials in the customers in the first 2 months? Say's its all good and so on

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