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Bill Houlden - Edit 2

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I nominated Bill, not only because he's exceptionally good at his job and all the things he's expected to do, he really epitomizes everything we try to teach kids at school. He loves his job. He comes every day with a smile on his face. He interacts with everyone. He takes great pride in the work that he does.

I would say he's probably the glue that hold us all together. Throughout the whole year, he's doing things— just anytime you ask him to do something, he gets it done.

I would describe Bill as selfless. He is so giving to everybody within the school community, whether it's the teachers, admin, the students. He will do anything for you like that.

I think Bill brings so much value to this school by kind of embodying the spirit of the O'Neill Red Hawk. Bill is the caretaker of this building in every way possible. So that's in caring for the building itself, and keeping it clean and safe and looking its best. But it's also about caring for all of the people inside of the building too.

When he first started, what really struck me, and I think what really struck staff, was just how much he took pride in this school. So he went to this school as a student. And now he's back working, and he knows this building inside out and takes a great amount of pride. And he and his team work to make this the best building that kids can come to every day to learn in.

I was actually a student here. My wife was a student here. My kids were students here. My parents were students here. I believe my father started in 1939. And I'm here now. So it's been about nine decades. The small things that we do as custodians support the grander scheme, the larger events that happen in high school.

I think what really makes Bill outstanding is his attitude. He'll lift the spirits of staff members. But most importantly, he lifts the spirits of students. And a lot of them really look forward to running into Bill in the hallways at any time during the school day.

One of the highlights for me last year— I was going to leadership camp, and seeing Bill show up on a weekend. And the place went nuts.

As soon as the students noticed that he was walking up, they immediately just broke into a chant of "Bill, Bill, Bill." Like, they just couldn't have been more excited to see him.

And there he is doing ropes courses. And the kids just absolutely loved it. So he's become a very big part of this community.

He was sort of instrumental— excuse the pun— in getting together a teacher band. Most notably, we've played for the students at Christmas assemblies.

Bill is a solid rocker. I don't think it's a stretch to say that Bill is probably the most popular band member among the students.

He has this can-do attitude that I think has allowed us to open our minds to what's possible with what we can do with the space we have in the building. So you have an idea for something that's going to meet the needs of one of your students, and he'll help you to figure out a way to make that possible.

Bill's Place is a room we set up. It's open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime. And it's a place where kids in need can come and get clothing for free of charge, personal hygiene items, any kind of thing that they really need. Or if they feel bad taking it, they can make a trade with me. So we really try to make it inclusive.

And so with Bill, I said, oh, but we have no space in this school. What are we going to do? So Bill helped us problem solve. He found me a space. He cleaned the space. He gave me the first $500 to get it up and running. He really works hard to make this place the best possible place for our students.

I think it takes a lot of stress out of high school life for a lot of the students knowing that they don't have to concentrate on getting the basics together to come to school every day. It's already here and already provided for them.

All those character traits you like to teach students in terms of team building, responsibility, perseverence, Bill epitomizes those. He leads by example and shows them what it means to be proud of what you do and who you are.

Really is a great school. The staff and students are just amazing here. They're so talented. And anything we can do as a custodial staff to support the success of learning and higher education, it's a real privilege and honor.

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Bill Houlden - Edit 2

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