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The Game Plan

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When you look at me what do you see? You see greatness. [sounds of crashing helmets] Joe Kingman is the toughest player... to ever take the field (tv announcer) "Blessed with crazy strength and ridiculous agility..." But the star quarterback who can take any hit... is about to get his bell rung [doorbell rings] My name is Peyton. I'm your daughter. [music:Papa's got a brand new bag] Hello-o? I ..never had a kid My birth certificate. Your name is on it. My name's not on this... Joseph Kingman [neck cracking] From Walt Disney Pictures.... It will demand discipline.... Let's Go! What if we get in an accident? This helment stood up to a 300 pound linebacker It can stand up to anything. ...but he never had to tackle a challenge this big... You're my agent - I am not qualified for this Pick a nanny Joe. The one on the end. [screams/laughs excitedly] The King picked me! Oh my goodness! We are going to be just like sisters! Oh no. You're fired. (narrator) Now... (tv) - It all comes down to this - 3 seconds left... [click] Welcome to the magical world of ponies. [yelling] What happened! What have we done to deserve this? (annoucer)He's going to need... (girl) A little bit of bubble bath.. ...A whole new game plan. (Joe) Peyton?... Peyton? (laughter) (girl) I put sparkles on it (Joe) No Way! Is Spike wearing a tutu? Spike! ...the last guy anyone expected... You've been playing kid your entire life and I just joined the "Dad" team. Fire! ...might just be the right man for the job. Wanna Cookie? [coughing] (slurring) What did you put in thoth cookieths? Milk, flour, cinnamon (slurring) amm alllurthic to thinumen! 3-2-1 Go! (slurred) Bothden Rebels - Expewience the heat! Bothden Rebels - Cath the Mathic! Yeah! (deep voice) Good Job! [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 27, 2010

The Game Plan Captioned Trailer

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