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Once upon an era I am sorry, now, I am ready. Testing, testing, one, two, one, two. This goes to T.V or a movie? Animal Stories "Free of humans" Closed For Ever Ok, yes, do I sound nice? "Climate Change" Thank you. I would like to be here, close by. Hey we are going to talk about the change, you all have to talk. Yes here, here I do not block you? I want to get closer. Yes! Everything changed a lot! This place was very different just a while ago. Nothing similar! Well, yes city guy, everything changes, the earth, the sea, the climate. Change? O yes everything changed super fast. They signal us, but I do not think we are the only villains of the story, what did they expect. They destroyed woods and jungles, provoking cyclons and floods. Change! It is just what happens here, very natural I would say. Yes, well, I heard that thing of climate change was getting strong! I found out by Whats or something like that... Climate change started to affect Cuernavaca s eternal spring. Ohh my god! Climate change, swiped away everything! City guy! Poor little humans. Hey, we suffered a lot. Yes! We arrived very happy to come back to our Earth, and it was horrible to see what it had turn into, they cutted all the trees! Can you imagine that some rulers wanted to fill this sacred place with concrete I think there was a period of alerts and emergency calls, but there were ignored hum. Maybe it was not the greatest idea to cover the earth with concrete. Closed For Ever We passed from being a few, to hundreds of thousands of quadrillions! Yes, obviously! One has to adapt, of course! Let's adapt, but let s do it to live life! And transform your self. Long live metamorfosis! Humans learned their right place in the food chain. Yes! this change also brought some good things, lets say, I am discovering my more natural and organic side. Not only an external change, but also in the way we think. Green ideas! We want more trees! And herbs we can eat! I would invite Mexicans to come close to wildlife, to wake up their green side! It is important to do something, it is necessary to remove everything that hinders life in the planet, my tlacui. We have to put a brake on the change and know how to mitigate, even if it seems difficult. This project was possible thanks to the support of:

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Posted by: dansobres on Aug 11, 2016

Animatitlan estudio 2016
Tepoztlán, Morelos, México

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