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Smart Street

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We are presenting our project today which is called smart street. This project aims to solve many kinds of problems which happen in our day to day lives. This project redefines a normal street which is -uh- which is present in our current world. One of the problems which this smart street solves is that it reduces the wastage of electricity that happens it detects if it is day or night using LDR cells and and determines if it is day or night. If it is night the LEDs operate at a dim level. So we have started our project and as you can see in the day light the LEDs are dim but if its night and the LDR senses that it is it is night time the lasers - the lasers activate if a car starts moving through the laser we will see that the leds start glowing brighter as the car passes We head on to the next problem ..... data collection. We have seen that is very hard to collect data about the pollution levels of each district in the city individually, so what we have deviced is that we have installed air pollution sensors in a tower in a particular stretch which will collect all the data about air pollution levels in that stretch of the road and send it to a database. From that database, the scientists and the researchers can take that data and work upon it to have the biggest kinds of data about the pollution levels in the city. Now I'll show you how the pollution levels are detected and uploaded From here the air pollution sensor senses the pollution around the area and then shows here the PPM value of the area. You can see it changing Next problem that we have solved is about the plants which grow in between the dividers. We have often seen that the dividers often rot away and die because proper care is not taken care of them they dry because the people concerned do not know when the soil moisture has depleted too much. To solve this problem, we have installed soil moisture checks inside the road So that it checks for the soil moisture at the current time. This soil moisture is sent to another database which shows about the soil moisture levels in the road at that point of time The final problem that we tried to solve is to check for the criminal activity that happens on our roads. With the help of this solution the traffic police also won't have to stand at every traffic light to apprehend the criminals who cause the majority of the criminal activity which happens in our city. We have implemented the solution by installing a camera which records the whole street and - and the data from this surveillance camera is sent with -uh- live -uh- to a live video -uh- to the traffic police. So we have seen that this project helps us solve 4 kinds of problems which are very different from each other but also required to be solved in our daily lives One it solves the problem of criminal surveillance it helps you find all the criminal activity done around n on the roads. Two it helps to reduce the wastage of electricity. Three it helps us collect data for the pollution monitors. Four it helps us keep the plants which are growing in between the dividers alive. Thank You!

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