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Jason Brown, part 02

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Jason: “You come to class and listen to Xavi” Carles: “No, no. She’s been, hm…Well, will pretend in the newspapers. Jason: Here in Spain? Carles: “Yes” Jason: “He wanted to be...he wanted to be the president of the USA” Carles: “Ah vale vale vale” Jason: “Two years again I will - again against Barack Obamma service of the president of Canadian for the governments John Baird the last president of Canada for the democrats, hm.. Sarah Palin was the mail for a very small town in Alaska, she tried yourself and she'd experienced with foreign all the cities she has got almost Now just because you live longs to another country that’s not meaning that you don’t know anything about the other country. So, who here has a Facebook Let's se. Ok. Now. On my facebook account I put things like,I buried a ham last night. If the big was castrated before they cooked it, how it tastes. This is what I put on facebook. Funny stuff about being in Spain. Well, Sarah Palin uses it for political purposes. So let me explain. We are all going to die some day. I hope I’m not the first person who tell this to you But you all are going to die some day. So will I As we get older we need to think about what do we want to happen. So for example I want to be cremated. Do you know what this means?-Yes. - What does that mean? - When you die... for example, some people want to be... in the sea, may be. Right so cremate , burn the body such ashes may be go to the Pacific Ocean and Oh Jason was such a great guy and he loved music and women So Barack Obamma the democrats said you at 65 years old you can go to your doctor to talk about what you want to happen when you die. Here’s what happens, in the United States, you have a heart attack and now you’re in the hospital and you have tubs and then there’s the pip pip pip pip of the you know like you see the tv show House you see the person what they look like. In the United States this costs thousands of dollars a day. So, you’ve worked your whole life you have your kids on University, now you are 65 you had a heart attack you are in the hospital, your wife does not know what you want and all of the money that you worked so hard for is just gone! So, for a month you are in the hospital and then you die, and the bill comes 85 thousand dollars! 85 thousand dollars! So now your wife or your husband looses the house, looses the car, no savings account, must move in with the children because of this problem that the husband had. So the democrats said, you can go to your doctor tell them what you want, so for example: If I’m in the hospital, there are tubes, there are tubes there are tubes, and is helping to breathe and then, Jason! Jason! Are you there? Nothing. I want you to pull the plug. Let me die, it’s to expensive, ok? They said, if you talk to your doctor about this, the government will pay for this meeting. You understand what I’m talking about? You go to your doctor, you say: Doctor, if I go to the hospital, I’m in a coma, please pull the plug; other people will say, please try, try, try, try to keep me alive. Everyone is different, ok? So, this is where Sarah Palin, and facebook come in. Sarah Palin writes something on Facebook, like mmmm… in a newspaper you see an opinion piece, for opinion. She used... the phrase "Death panel". "Panel" only means three or four people sitting and deciding what they hear. Sara Palin, her youngest child, has Down Syndrome, a kind of desease that happens in the woman's stomach as the child grows. She said: "I don't want Barak Obama's bureaucrats to decide if my child lives or dies". So, she took this idea about all people saying: "If I'm in the hospital, please let me die, or if I'm in the hospital please try to keep me alive". She turned around to: "I don't want Barack Obama's bureaucrats..." you know, there's three doctors here, with glasses, and Sara Palin walks in, with her baby: "Yes, doctor, she has Down Syndrome". And the doctors like Rome doing: "The baby dies". This is how she interpreted this part of the healthier build. So, she writes something on Facebook, and now it's a big story. Now, nothing I have written on Facebook has become a big storie, but everything this woman writes on Facebook becomes a big story. So, now, you have... this is uhm, a year ago this happened. You have senators going home, to IOWA, good old Chuck Grassley. this is not so important for you He is talking to this people back _____ I´m must going to let Barack Obama __________ so it means from the government will pay for you to talk to your doctor about your dying wishes to I’m going to stop Barack Obama from change your ______ Do you see we have, in this case, reality and we have some ____ _______ where Barack Obama is just killing people who had _____ ______ ok?

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Posted by: sandreeta7 on Oct 26, 2010

This is a video about Sarah Palin.

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