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What is the purpose of life? Sadhguru

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_ _ _ _ Now, life is not telling you that if you finish one thing you must do the next thing. Yes? you are doing it because otherwise you will be lost if you don't do anything you'll be completely lost, isn't it? if you don't have to do a job you'll develop some hobby you have to do something because without doing you're lost right now simply because you're way of being is not established who you are has come to you only because of your doing, isn't it? but you tell me how did doing become possible only because there is a being, doing has become possible, isn't it? only because there is a being doing has become possible, isn't it so? but where is your being it's not in your experience. only doing is in your experience so you're in desperate action if you want to feel like somebody, you have to act you have to do many things No. that's not the great way to live if I close my eyes I can keep my eyes closed till I fall dead there's no need to open my eyes and look there's no need to do anything you do something because the situation demands it if the action is coming because you need it, its a desperate action, isn't it? when you're constantly in desperate action to make yourself feel substantial you have to act that means all this activity is coming from a certain feeling of insufficiency, isn't it? somewhere the way you are right now is not sufficient you have to do something to feel little better but if you get used to that little better state that feels insufficient then you have to do something more to feel little better so it is simply because of the insufficiency this insufficiency has come simply because your whole experience of life is limited to the physical if your experience transcends the limitations of the physical if you sit here you are so complete there's no need to do anything if you do something it's simply because the situation needs it otherwise there's no need to do anything for yourself its a good way to be, isn't it? right now humanity is in desperate action fortunately fifty percent of the population is lazy if only all the six billion people become very industrious this planet will be finished in no time isn't it so? isn't it unfortunate it's the lazy of the world who are saving the planet the intelligent in the world should save the planet isn't it? this planet should be well because of human intelligence not because of their lethargy but right now it's the lazy who are saving the planet all those who can do, they are desperately active their activity is so destructive but it doesn't matter they cannot stop because if they stop they'll feel insufficient

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru what is the purpose of life. Sadhguru brilliantly expounds on the nature of being and doing. (SaO2)

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