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I am Matthew Pruitt, Senior Solution Architect for NEC. Heading up Federal technology and solutions to secure the future

So Federal agencies and other organizations are looking to secure travel processies,

and secure individual identities by looking at advanced analytics to both

review, and alert when people are passing through our system.

So creating this seamless, frictionless experience for individuals

while heightening security is but most importance.

NEC is looking at multiple technologies to address an individual's identity and security throughout the system NEC's EVA platform is one of them and it combines NEC's advance analytics into a single, customizable platform

that allows different agencies and institutions actually combine information from multiple analytics into a single viewable platform for actionable data. Such as watch listings with people's faces Cars through a highway Or any individual biometric to the in or out of things. NEC's EVA Enhanced Video Analytics platform combines NEC's artificial intelligence algorithms

To create a single unified platform for investigating and alerting to events in a situation

So everything from federal law enforcement to local stadiums and aviation travel.

EVA can provide a unified dashboard view of every analytic coming in. Which includes face recognition, car recognition, age and gender demographics and any kind of information that could be actionable and reportable for any interest. Thanks for spending time with me today and discussing video analytics.

For more information you can visit

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