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Maths Lesson- Learn about Comparing and Ordering Numbers

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Wow Amber! Have you got a new dart board game? Yes Timmy. Yesterday I won the quiz competition in school. I won this as the prize. I hung it in the backyard. It is more fun playing out doors. That's true! Hey why don't we play the game? Let's see who is good at it. Alright Timmy! I have two sets of darts. Green darts and red darts. You take the green darts. Yipeee! Now you try Timmy! Oh no! I missed. Never mind Timmy! Try again! I could hit the bull's eye six times. And I could hit it four times. Now how do we decide the winner? That's simple. We just need to compare the numbers, 6 and 4 but first you need to learn about the comparison symbols. The basic comparison terms, used are greater than, less than, and equal to. And the symbols used are as follows, Now, let's start comparing, While counting, the number 4 comes first, then comes the number 6, so, 6 is greater than 4 and we can write it using the symbol for greater than like this; So, as your score is more than mine, you win. Yipee! I won the first round. Let's play 2 more rounds Timmy! Ok. Let's see the scores now. This time, I could hit the bull's eye 8 times. And I could hit the bull's eye, 10 times. Waow!! Timmy! You win this time. You have scored more than me. Yes you are right Amber. 10 is greater than 8. There is another way of saying this, as we can see, 8 comes first, then comes the number 10, so 8 is less than 10. We use the less than symbol, to write the number statement. Now, this is the last round, this will decide, who wins the game. Hey! We both hit the bull's eye 5 times. Oh yes! That means we have equal scores now. We use this symbol to show is equal to. So, we put the equal to symbol between 5 and 5 to show that we have scored equal points. So, who wins the game? Well I guess the game is a draw. Oh never mind! We will play some other time. Hey Betty! Are you in there? Hey Amber is that you? Please come in. Hey Betty! What are you doing with these stickers in your hand? I was just trying to decorate my walls and ceilings Amber. And all these sticker slipped out of my hand. Please help me pick them up. Sure Betty! Waow! This stickers are so cute. They will look very nice Betty. I think I have collected more stickers than both of you. We will have to count and see. Ok! First, tell me the number of stickers with both of you. I have collected 11 stickers in all. And I have collected more than you have. I have collected 16 stickers. Good! And I have collected 24 stickers, Now, let's compare the numbers, and find out the greatest and the smallest number. This will let us know, who has collected more stickers. Let's find the smallest number. The number 11 comes first while counting, so, 11 is the smallest of the 2 numbers. Now, the number 16 comes after the number 11, while counting. So, the number 16 is greater than 11 but the number 24 comes after both the numbers 11 and 16 while counting. So, the number 24 is the biggest number among the three numbers. So, As I have collected 24 stickers, which is the biggest number, I have collected more stickers than you both. The walls are looking good Betty. The stickers are shining very nicely. But what do we do now? Let's play something Betty! Oh yes! I have a nice puzzle game. You have to arrange all the pieces of the puzzle according to their numbers to get a picture. That sounds interesting. Get the game Betty. So, what do we do with these pieces Betty? It's simple Amber. There is a puzzle in this box. This puzzle consists of 10 pieces. Numbered from 81 to 90. You have to join the 10 pieces in the correct order of the numbers. You have to make 2 rows of 5 pieces each to form the complete picture. Got it Betty! Let's start. This is number 90. and we have to arrange numbers up to 81. So, let's count backward That is arrange the numbers from the biggest to the smallest. Ok. The number that comes before 90 is 89. Amber! Place the piece number 89 to the left of piece number 90. So, the pieces 89 and 90 are in place. Now can you try arranging the pieces Amber? Oh sure! Before the number 89 comes 88. So let's place the piece number 88 to the left of the piece number 89. Before the number 88 comes 87 let's place the piece number 87 to the left of 88. The number 86 comes before 87 so, let's place the piece number 86 to the left of 87. now, Amber the next piece will be placed above 90. So, find out the next number and place it correctly. The number 85 comes before 86 so let's place the piece number 85 above 90. As we have to make 2 rows of 5 pieces. The number that comes before 85 is 84 Now I shall place the piece number 84 to the left of 85. The number that comes before 84 is 83 now I shall place the piece number 83 to the left of 84. The number before 83 is 82 so I shall place 82 to the left of 83. And the number before 82 is 81 so this is the last piece and I shall place it to the left of 82. Waow! This is a lovely picture. Isn't it Amber? You are right Betty. Hey! Let's take another 10 pieces and arrange them to form a beautiful picture. Oh sure! #

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Maths Lesson- Learn about Comparing and Ordering Numbers

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