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Food Court Musical

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Our hidden cameras are in place and the patrons of this food court have no idea what´s about to take place. Waitress: Lemonade, spilled across the countertop, There´s ice and lemons everywhere, now I gotta clean it up Can I get a napkin please? I´m gonna need some just like these I´ve got three or four but I might need more, Can I get a napkin please? Man: (aww, man...) Can I get a napkin, too, by chance? I have spilled some mustard on my pants, what a pain, it´s a shame, this is probably gonna stain, If I don´t get a napkin We both need napkins, that´s a fact, That´s true - it´s napkins that we lack. We're agreed, we're in need, on our knees we humbly plead: Can we get a napkin please? Can I get a napkin please? I promise that we're not wasting trees I'll take one from you and this hot girl too Can I get a napkin please? Woman: I need a napkin. I've got an infant in my arms, and I don't mean to cause alarm. She just hurled on my pearl, she's my darling little girl, but can I get a napkin - Janitor: I'm the janitor, the working man you all ignore, Sweeping up this dirty floor, boy my left foot sure is sore, and I just want one change to show the world that I can dance! Can we get a napkin please? Cop: What the hell is going on here? Waitress: We need more napkins. Cop: I'm on it. Get me some napkins up here STAT. The lower food court's where I'm at. Listen up girls and guys, I am authorized - to search you for napkins All: Can we get a nap Can we get a napkin please?!

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Posted by: ldenslow12 on Jan 22, 2013

Food Court Musical in Los Angeles, California.

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