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The design of - Loneliness

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Loneliness - The Design of Loneliness Hi there, this is the design of loneliness, communicating about loneliness it is fascinating because there are many human beings, within this world that- always mention the statement that there are billions of human beings in this world yet all and each and every single one of that billion is lonely or experience loneliness now this is quite an interesting statement because loneliness only exists within yourself, from a perception or an idea and what is interesting placement is that cinema, media magazines promote loneliness you see in the cinemas in the media in magazine the depiction of relationships, and those that are apparently alone now experience loneliness because they apparently do not have a partner to experience and express themselves with Thought an interesting- point is that loneliness stems from within self from the perspective of self not accepting self self not being self intimate- with self and self- not being just ok with self and it is interesting because within the unified consciousness field of this world within which humanity experience themselves being alone or not having a partner experiencing themselves in a relationship having sex is- like a disease if you're alone without a partner you are- an outcast and it must be natural for you to experience loneliness and of course then, all the other emotions and feelings that compound the inner emotional conflict within self because of loneliness It is quite interesting that loneliness exist because isn't each and every single one of us really actually alone in this world? we are not bind- or bound together even if there are beings that are bounded together, they are still alone within here, I am alone here I sit alone If you see human beings walk around no matter if they are with someone or not they are alone yet within that a diversion of alone had become loneliness the mind consciousness system's interpretation of what it means to stand alone To stand alone is to stand as All One in oneness and equality of Life as all as one as equal as all of existence and realize that loneliness only exist of the mind consciousness system the mind consciousness system always needs someone always want someone always desire someone always require someone the mind consciousness system has to have relationships of some or other sort If the mind consciousness system becomes deprived it requires to feed off other human being's misery because all human beings in this world is actually miserable extensively so, extremely so because, what humanity is staring to realize is that not even relationships- can heal the inner sadness the inner loneliness the inner remorse, the inner anger and realizing that there is no place to hide there is no place to run there is no one and nowhere to go to Thus human beings, realize that the only place you have is yourself accept and realize that you are alone- within this existence as each one of us is alone as 'all one' as who we are and realize that loneliness is the mind deprived of requiring 'energy' sustenance from other human beings of relationships So if you are experiencing loneliness all you do, is accept and realize that you are alone make peace with that what else is there to do? either you are able to delve into the misery of your own loneliness, self-pities self sadness or you are literally able to realize: I am alone, so here I am with me as me so how- would I like to experience myself? Therefore loneliness is actually not real in anyway whatsoever- but a mind job thank you very much, this is the design of loneliness communicating about loneliness Please join us for Discussion at the Open Forum CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 7, 2010


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