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Adding User

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[MTS SEADRIVEā„¢, ADDING USERS] In this video, you'll learn how to add users into the system. To guarantee duplicate data is not entered into your account, it's important that this task is overseen by single dedicated person on shore. Let's get started. To add a new user, first sign in to your account and click the Users tab, then click the New User button. Here, you'll see the new user form. The required fields are username, password, first and last name, and location. In the User Name field, enter the user name based on the convention your company uses. If you have user names in existing systems, use that. If this is the first use case, it is common to use the user's corporate ID or their full name. If the user has a corporate ID, enter it into the corporate ID field. And to the user's password, enter the password fields, enter their first and last name. The email field is optional, but if the user has an email address, you may enter. Use the Rank field to select the users rank. This allows you to run reports by rank. Use the Job Title field if the user's title differs from their rank. Select their location, select the Hide User at their location. If this user will be performing group training and it is not required for their name to be displayed in the Attendee list. The Permissions option grants special permissions to the user. The administers HQ admin option allows the user to add users and assign training across the entire company or fleet. The manage users groups and assign courses option allows the user to add users and assign training at the location they are assigned. To show courses and designated attendees option, allows the user to perform group training at their assign location. Finally, use the hired on field, if you'd like to track when the user was hired. Once you're ready, click the Add New User button. That's it. The user can now sign in to the system and access their training. Please note that if the user is located in a vessel that uses SeaDrive, it will take up to 24 hours for their account to sync up.

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Adding User

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