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12 Monkeys

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This episode of 'It's the End of the World as we Know it and I Feel Fine' was made possible by contributions from slaves like you. Spank you very much. "We have to defend ourselves." "We intend to defend ourselves." "We did so in the past and we're gonna do it today, and the day after that and the day after that." "Because only through the proper example of self defense and the proper example of retaliation, and by letting these people know that we move from some basic laws." "That anything that goes down with oppressed people on the part of the oppressor- it should be reciprocal." "In plain proletarian workers language 'it takes two to tango.' " "As soon as these mother fuckers go- we go." Goooood morning slaves and welcome to another sedition of 'It's the End of the World as we Know it and I Feel Fine' Where the news comes slower than watching porn on 56K. I am your host the stimulator, and the motherfuckin Greek resistance made good on it's promise and rioted on the anniversary of the death of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, the 15 year old member of the motherfuckin resistance who was shot dead by a cowardly pig. Anarchists held the city of Athens in a state of siege for over 24 hours, hurling molotov cocktails at the cops and successfully occupying Athens Polytechnic. ♫ This fire is outta control! ♫ ♫ Gonna burn this city! Burn this city! ♫ ♫ This fire is outta control! ♫ ♫ We're gonna burn this city! Burn this city! ♫ In Honduras, the motherfuckin pigs unleashed on anyone advocating the boycott of what some are calling sham elections. The pro-coup candidate, Porfirio Lobo, supposedly won the election- but less than 50% of the population participated. Here's anti-election activist Fausto Arresolo Rodolfo who was detained for passing out anti-election posters. The man your mama calls Obama supported this Honduran spectacle called democracy and followed up his magic trick by taking a shit on all the peace loving suckers who voted for him. "As commander and chief, I have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan." 'The war is not meant to be won.' 'It is meant to be continuous.' Yep. Operation Bomb All Motherfuckin Afghanis is in full effect. Just as Obama picks up his Nobel Peace Prize trophy in Oslo... Meanwhile, troublemakers world wide have been disrupting the flows of carbon by doing actions in solidarity with the upcoming rebellions on Copenhagen. In Vancouver activists disrupted a contruction site for the mega highway project know as 'The Gateway to Hell.' "Get away from the ramp!" "Get away from the ramp or I will..." In California, over 30 peeps were arrested after they blockaded the headquarters of those gassholes at Chevron. And in the UK over 40,000 Londoners took to the street to protests against the corporate friendly solutions to climate change that will be touted at the COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Clusterfuck cold be the match that ignites the world wide rebellion. But dumb motherfuckers in the US still want to debate whether or not man made climate change is real. Maybe they'll start fighting back when their houses are under water. Like these folks in Bangladesh, whose village is now submerged. But who gives a fuck about Brown People in Asia right...? After all, we can still drive our Hummers to Mickey D's fill our bellies with greasy burgers, and look like fat fucking cows. Last but not least, this month marked the 40th anniversary of the lynching of Fred Hampton. Hampton was a promising member of the Black Panther Party who was lynched in cold blood by the mothefuckin FBI. "So we'll say as we always say in the Black Panther Party, that they can do anything that they want to to us." "We might not be back. I might be in jail. I might be anywhere" "But when I leave you'll remember that I said with the last words out of my lips, that I am a revolutionary!" Earlier this month, earth defender Tre Arrow was released from his halfway cage and into the so called free world after 6 and a half years in the slammer. 'It's very important to be mindful that the agents of repression have not changed and not gone away. They are still following the same MO of targeting individuals or groups that they view as subversive and doing what they can to disrupt, to neutralize, to disintegrate what they view as a threat.' Yep. Tre was snitched on by the same dude who snitched on Jeffery Luers, who gets out later this month. Both face harsh penalties for their alleged crimes and were labeled terrorists by the Feds, in a roundup of eco-activists known as the Green Scare. With the stakes being so high it is amazing to see folks still working to stop the destruction of the planet, even when faced with harsh prison terms. While folks will be battling it out in the streets of Copenhagen this weekend, there are folks deep in the woods defending some of the last Redwood Forests in the world. Last week I had the honor of meeting some of these courageous Forest Defenders somewhere in Northern California. This is Farmer from Humboldt Earth First! explaining what the fuck is going on: "So now we're on the Northern end of the unit." "They wanna clearcut everything you can see here." "This grove is surrounded by clearcuts and suburbia, and it's pretty stark." "It's an 80 year old grove. It's one of the oldest groves that's left out here." After bushwhacking through the thick rainforest, we came to the area these brave folks are defending. I climbed up a 130 foot, second growth Redwood called 'Artemis.' To what these folks call a 'tree sit.' Basically, these guardians of the forest eat, shit and sleep way the fuck up there. After an hour of climbing, I finally made it up to the tree sit, where I met Jacques. Hey Jacques, how the fuck are you? "Doing pretty good." How long have you been on this tree sit? "I've been here since the beginning of the occupation, December 1 of last year." Why do you occupy this tree? "Right here where we're at, you can't see it right now, but there's houses right over there. Just a couple of tree ridges away." "And this is a forest right here." "This is kind of like where Babylon ends and the forest begins." "It's like the last front. Of these trees, some of them are old growth and some of them are right on the verge of becoming old growth." "On top of all the habitat and everything else, a line's gotta be drawn." "And it's like- this is the line." "Right across that hill is Babylon, and they wanna expand it to right where we're sitting and put a shopping mall right here, where this big ass tree we're in is." "And I kinda block it." So is your life on the line? "Yeah my life is on the line. Absolutely." "On December 2 last year we dropped the banner making this public." "And the sheriff came by, Green Diamond employees came by, told me and another tree sitter that we were trespassing, and that if we came down right now, we wouldn't be arrested." "But we said no- we were here to defend the banner." "Green Diamond's response was to send a climber up the next morning to cut the banner down." "It was a line from tree to tree with a 15 by 30 foot banner hanging from it." "Before the news cameras got there I was sleeping in a hammock in the branch part of the traverse line." "And so if you were to have cut it, I would have fell." Later we were met by Gambit, one of the craziest monkey climbers I've ever met. Hey Gambit, how the fuck are you? "Pretty fuckin good, how about you?" Well I'm scared shitless, what do you think? I'm standing on a branch about 130 feet up in the air. So, why are you here? "We're here because we want to take space, where we can talk about stuff freely and draw, and sing, and cook and tie ropes- tie trees together and do what we wanna do." "We're here to save these trees in particular- that we're occupying- from the wrath of the timber corporation." "Which has not logged yet this year in the McKay tract." "After having logged the McKay tract every year for the past 6 or 7 years." Capitalist pigs are in Copenhagen this week to set up a trading scheme to commodify carbon. Wouldn't having more trees be a better idea? "These trees are storing up a lot of carbon themselves." "The forest floor actually, is full of ferns and several feet of duff, all of which is storing a huge amount of carbon." "This area was logged about 120 years ago, and the ancient trees that stood here then were cut down." "But like I said, it's the place where Redwood trees grow the fastest of any other area on earth." "So it's pretty much soaking up carbon from the atmosphere and also doing other things like helping out with the methane cycle and recycling and reabsorbing other gases." "It's doing that better than any other place in the Redwood region." "And we're defending one of the most ancient groves in the McKay tract." The motherfuckin resistance is in Copenhagen right now, do you want to send them a shout out? "Yeah, there's a lot of things I wanna tell the kids in Copenhagen, things that they already know how to do already." "Build barricades- light things on fire on the edges of your territory." "Big fires. Destroy as much corporate property as you possibly can and if you get a chance to do anything really awesome, definitely go for it." Thanks Gambit. And that about does it for this sedition of 'It's the End of the World as we Know it and I Feel Fine' I'd like to thank the following slaves for supporting this foul mouthed sedition: Steven, Guerillmo, Berndt, Will, Jill, Mark, Justin, Natalie, Christopher, Audrey, David, Allison, Ariel, Benjamin and Jim. Also, super double big ups to Troy and Sarah, for literally saving my life after I fell 40 fett from a big fucking tree. And special thanks to Eric for making the trip to Arcata happen. For links to the forest defenders in Humboldt or to comment on this fucking show, just visit my fucking website Now go climb a fuckin tree. Remember kids, you can podcast high quality video of this show at: SUBMEDIA.TV "I'm about to traverse one large, second growth Redwood tree to another second growth, fast growing Redwood tree on this white arborist's line." "Which, by the way, we at Earth First! Humboldt need a lot more of."

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