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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt7

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- ....if that person is... left you? - Well, also if you marry and you live out, you go out alot on concert tours or what ever you do. You become somewhat different, then when you come back home, your wife is always in the kitchen cooking and wiping the baby's ass. So, she doesn´t evolve and sometimes you do and your values change. So "I dont know what it is hunny but, I´m not satisfied. I want out." She says "well you're not getting out, I´m taking the house and the kids". So all this stuff in the future will disappear 'cos people will not marry for security, they'll marry 'cos they share ideas and values. There'll be no divorce lawyers that cost you 2 thousand dollars to split up. Who the hell is he? Where did he come from? There's another guy with a white collar says; "I pronounce you man and wife". Well who is he? How can he pronounce you man and wife? If two people love each other, no one can break that. So you see, the world you live in is so full of shit, it's so artificial, I don't even know where to start. -Well, how do we get rid of... -The movie, the motion picture and we have to have more lectures, more films like this, out there and people, some people will be turned around. But remember this, you don't have to convince everybody. It takes very few people, less than seven thousand to operate everything on earth just to take care of people, give them what they want, let them have their freedom. However, if they hurt another person, we don't put them in prison, we help them. - How do we prevent over population? - Ok. Through education is the best way, we dont want to kill people. So if you show people a film called "Dynamic equilibrium" We will, we have to make a lot of films. We have to be sponsored 'cos Roxanne and I can't change the world alone. If you get our books and videotapes, you'll see the kind of world I´m talking about I want to show you a 15 minute film that we made for Saudi Arabia. We are always invited all over the world, as before I go, I make a film for that country, to show them what it can be. Now what it will be, I don't know. What it can be if we join together. So the film has a little bit of their values in it, just to get our foot in the door, then when we get there, we turn them around. What do we turn them around to? How to use the earth intelligently. What is needed is the intelligent management of the Earth's resources, for the benefit of all the world's people. Not profit. - I don't know what is so hard to understand about that for people, I don't know why. You'll understand. Run this film and the negative letters that you get will say things like: "Who makes the decisions in the future?" They're angry. What they're really asking is: "How do we arrive at decisions?" Not who makes them. So, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about that: We take samples of the soil from all over the world and bring them to central agriculture. There are many agricultural research labs, and there they analyse the soil. And by the content of the soil, they'll tell you its best to grow sugar cane, for so many years you'll get the highest yields from this soil, then rotate to beets. That's not an opinion. That's a finding. So, you were brought up I believe, to believe that everyone should have a right to their own opinion. Most people were brought up that way. So, if your sister lived across the street from me and I see ten guys coming out of her apartment, I can have all kinds of opinions. She may be a language instructor, a ballet instructor. But if you give people a right to their own opinion, without surveillance without understanding, you're creating a dangerous environment. They think its democratic. They think they live in a democratic society. So they come to me normal people, normal means mixed up, in my term. They come to me and say "In your society will I be able to participate?" I say "well you can participate right now." How would you prevent auto mobile accidents?" I don't know. "How would you prevent war?" I don't know. "Did you vote for the space program?" No. "Did you vote for any highway system in America?" No. "Did you vote for the building of schools, colleges, anything?" No. Where the hell do you participate? All that's an illusion. Everybody thinks they live in a participatory democracy. Let me tell you what a participatory democracy might be like: Our president might criticise another country on television for about an hour and a half. We'd say "Anything else you wanna add?" He says "No". Now we invite the prime minister of that country on the air for an hour and a half. Now we invite the prime minister of Sweden on, he says "They're both full of shit". This is how I see it. That´s a democracy! Every point of view on the air. Not just good old USA. God bless America Didn't god make everybody on earth? What the hell are you killing them for? Every product out there is made by god. According to religious people. They don't even know how to be religious. The church doesn't deal with anything real. Because if it did they'd be out of business. If a church got up and chased out the money changers, he'd have to shut down. So you see, the church itself has become corrupt. And some churches say "if you don't go to this church, you don't go to heaven". So, how corrupt can you be? And God doesn't judge people. If you're brought up in the south and all you hear is "the god damn niggers are this", "the god damn jews are that, get a big dumb swede to clean out your cellar". If you get that propaganda all your life. Do you think you'd be judged for that? So if people are made the way they are by culture, how can they be judged? And then conceive of Satan who gets to normal people and says; "Screw around with your best friend's wife to tempt her." Who made the tempter? God. So what have you got there? You've got a confused story. A myth that's so terrible, would be an insult to a god if he existed. So consider this: Even Carl Sagan, tried to raise funds to communicate with extraterrestrials. Now let's assume that there are people on other planets and they fly here. Anything that can fly 100 billion light years through space, is not like us. You can't talk to them. The democrats can't talk to the republicans. The republicans can't talk to the communists The communists can't talk to the socialists. Husbands and wives can't talk to each other, children and parents. How the hell are you going to talk to extra terrestrials that are super intelligent? Do you understand? Ok. So, most people don't even talk to each other, they talk at one another. Do you understand? Talking to each other is sharing ideas. Now, you can't share ideas unless a person has similar values. They tell you "there is such a thing as communication". No such thing. In other words: you cant communicate with anyone unless they have similar values to you. Otherwise you can try to change their way of thinking, but if they're too far gone, you know, in an old way of thinking, like, he says to me "Well I don't know how to picture your world". Well if you took your grand mother to Miami beach and she saw the girls walking around with their butts hanging out. She'd say "they've gone too far". And she's right where she's coming from, but not right for today. So no one can say "Well will I like living in the future?". I don't know. The future is different than it was 500 years ago. So, its nothing to do with your likes. Does it take care of most people medically? Does it give them the opportunity to study, whatever they want to study? Without the need for money? Yes. - How do you prevent take over? How do you prevent people subjugating others, controlling the system? -Ok. That occurs in scarcity. When there is scarcity, people hit you on the head to take your wallet. But if they have access to the necessities of life. They don't steal. - You have these psychopaths that want to run the whole world? - Ah ok. Now your talking about mental disorders. We can catch them early in school. -And what about the ones that are totally - self centred - running the country; - running the planet, running the corporations and they are psychopaths- Ok. Ok. You can detect that in the schools right away when they are very young, and clean it out. When I was a kid, the kids in New York used to drop bricks on the sub way trains. Not that they were psychopaths or ill, they needed excitement in their lives. Do you understand? So, instead of ordering kids around to do exercise, like they do in Germany. You see these thousands of kids exercising. We build them a big lake in the middle of all the cities and there's a hill in the middle of the lake, and the craft shop, where you can make anything you want to make. To get there you gotta row a boat, you gotta climb the hill. Don't order people to do exercise. Build it in the design of your community.

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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt7

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