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ciencia y tecnología

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The hundred, technology and humanity is known as a science or body of knowledge acquired through research in anything of interest to people Science is knowledge, in addition to laws and theories designed to give explanation, any phenomena, the science is very important for our lives, because of what happens around us, so we can say that one of the purposes of science is to explain and help human beings, Day by day we have a better quality of life Science helps to increase human knowledge As biology, physics, mathematics and other Helped us to find the cure of various diseases, seeking cures such as cancer, AIDS representing deadly diseases For human beings but with the knowledge acquired in the years to science, has esperansa in the coming years find cures for these diseases, science is the basis for development of the technology, study and hear words this year, but what is technology? technology are all applied sciences, as I said SCIENCE IS KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED, we used to create devices that facilitate and help to improve our lifestyle, for example, thanks to technology today have cell phones, communication tools of great importance in facilitating communication time can have a person with respect to each other anywhere in the world But cell, would not have existed if not study human communications, electronics and chemistry radio, this little device And we have, there had not been with that knowledge, other examples of knowledge explain the technology in other words the radio, tv Medicines, blender, spaceships, submarines, computers, pens, backpacks, your clothes Countless instruments Give thanks to the study of science, then came come to a conclusion, science is knowledge acquired through research and experimentation seeking explanations of events occurring at our alrededo

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Producer: juan camilo
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Posted by: miperro on Aug 4, 2014


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