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>> If you're tracking your data over time, typically, a line chart is going to be the best visualization to do this. The other thing that you can add to Power BI line charts is the trend lines that help understand the average trend in your data over time. So let's just take a look at our sales revenue by year. You can see, we've got this kind of wavy line but in the Formatting pane, you'll also see an option to turn on your Trend Line. When you do that you can see, okay, from start to finish, the average is actually trending down over time. If you expand this, you'll see a few different options for formatting it, change things like the Color and the Dashed Style. And also, if I've got multiple measures plotted on this chart, for example, if I take sales variance... I'll have an option in the Trend Line option to combine these trend lines. If I've got two measures, I might want to turn that off, and now I get a separate trend line for each of the different measures. So I've got one in the green one for the revenue, and one black one for our year-to-date sales. The other place you can put trend lines in is on a scatter chart. So for example, if I've got a scatter chart that's comparing my revenue and my units, let's look at this by our Product categories. I can see I've got, Urban category sold the most. But again, maybe I want to see what's the line of best fit across all of these different variables. And come in and turn the trend line on and I'll get that through the middle of those. Equally, if I was splitting this down by different manufacturers, I'd get the option again to combine or view those separately. So I can see each different trend line for each of the different categories in my data. So it's an easy way to add trend lines to your visuals to help get a better overview of the overall trends within your data.

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Posted by: csintl on May 25, 2016

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