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All people think that superheroes can be only in comic strips. But that is we have the abilities that are unavailable to anybody else. We are the students. On the first day I discovered my ability to travel through time. I need 5 minutes more. Damn! As it turned out, the others had the abilities too. Won't you die from this stuff? Don't be afraid. I will not. And that's not only immortality. We learnt to unveil the hidden sense in everything. So, remember: you will never need it in your life. We can read others' thoughts. Aleksand Make... ...donski We can take the shape of other human beings Yemelin! I am! Miheyev! Here I am! Ushakova! She is here! Sometimes our power may increase in a hundred times What has happened to him? He came early in the morning when the first class was canceled Teleportation has happened to be the acme of our abilities It's enough to wait for our instructors. 15 minutes have passed already! Were we happy? I think that we were... ...till something terrible happened The sholarship! Tomorrow we have the first exam! So it has begun... Hey, guy, don't do that! Don't come up to me! Freebie, come to me! Those who were close to me don't recognize me now Il'ya Borisovich, could you pass me? I see you for the first time, student I should show you something... The stigmata has become present on his hands... Are you sure you manage to learn everything? Of course! Oh my god! He has got a "bomb"! So, sit closer to me! Take the exercise book!... What is it for? It is for all the subjects! Who are you in reality? I am a student! Welcome to my world! The Students

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Posted by: scim on Oct 5, 2013

Students are considered to be superheroes.

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