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How to clean your mousepad like a pro _)

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Hello everyone Danya Zeus here Today I will tell you how to make your dirty mousepad look like new A little backstory We were on ESL ESEA where we placed second Lost to fnatic There was a practice arena It's basically where teams practice We were walking around and looking what devices other teams use What were their settings etc. And I can say that everybody in TSM has great aiming I really liked their sensitivity settings, and how the mouse slides over the mousepad Right now I am playing on DM and feel that my aim is shit It is of course related to my mousepad being dirty Today I will clean it by myself, at home So let's see how it goes How to make your shitty mousepad look and feel new We take this dirty mousepad And take it to the bathroom Most of you have a mousepad like that and don't know what to do with it Throw it away or just keep it like it is Of course some fellas already know the secret, but not everyone So I'm going to sho you the steps So, first step is to get this baby wet We use water and say goodbye to our mousepad "Petting mousepad not necessary" Alright we got it wet real good Now we get a sponge It will be our special sponge for cleaning mousepads And then use some good smelling gel Pour it out And then you just give it a good 'ol rub Rub it real good Every corner As you can see our mousepad, even under all of this, already looks cleaner Americans will watch this and think that Ukraine is in really tough times right now And then we get all of the gel off of it In all honesty guys Peach is not the only one you can use, you can also use strawberries, and just regular soap If you're broke jk It's all good And we got ourselves a fresh mousepad! As you can see (and smell) it looks new I can feel the smoothness My aim is guaranteed 10x times better I know you guys have this issue too, so get your mousepad clean and become a pro instantly Also visit our servers, link in the description See you!

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Dec 22, 2015

How to clean your mousepad like a pro _)

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