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Salbuchi - Second Republic Project - Pillar 1 - THE SOVEREIGN STATE (Part 1 of 2)

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Hello it is Adrian Salbuchi once again from Buenos Aires in Argentina In 23 March 2010, I uploaded to YouTube a video (2 parts video) called: "SECOND REPUBLIC – AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME" Today. I would like to refer to the 5 pillars that we identified as part of the "Second Republic Project" which are absolutely essential for every people the worlds over to implement to their own states The first one which I am going to refering to in this first video. Referes to Restoring the national nation states. First and foremost we point out that the Sovereign State is only Republican institution that has the potential power to do 2 things First: to consistently and comprehensively promote Common Good for all/majority people in a Nation / defend National Interest against threats from outside, inside, above And secondly: merge, add up and align each Citizen’s tiny parcel of power, so we can properly organize our Communities But I stress: only a sovereign Nation-State can do that because what we have in our days in just about every country certanly in my homeland in Argentina is a Colonial Administration state the state has been eroded down it performs the functions of the Colonial Administration We have had our countries taken away from us from top down. From the Global Power Elite downwords to our individual countries The only way to take our countries back. Is to work down upwords We have to take our countries back from bottom up. And this is a grass roots movement. But first, lets address some basics. We have to diferentiate between 3 concepts. Between: Nation, State and Government And this is a problem for the USA audience because you Americans in the USA call your nation - country. You call your provices and districts - state. You call your nation state - government. And you call your government - administration. What a mess! So as I say other European countries, my own country of Argentina. We call the nation what you call the country. We call the state what you call the government and our provinces you guys call the states. We still. The Unated States has no proper name. In a way te USA tends to usurpe the name of America for ourselfs. But look. I was born in Argentina. I am American as anybody born in Chicago, Boston or Los Angelos. We are all Americans. But the thing is that all the rest of the countries in America has given themselfs a proper name Argentina, Bolivia Canada, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Urugay, Brazil The USA has not and they have no right to usurpe the name of America just for for youselfs You do better, actualy I think the Americans will do good the people from the USA If you started giving yourself a proper name. Remember The only other country in modern times that had no name was the Union of Soviet Social Republics because they expected the whole world to become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and we all know how they ended up So lets start by understanding and diferentiating these 3 important concepts. Nation, the state and the government The nation is the people of the country. The teritory, the history, the religion, the milestones, the talant, the work, the capacity to produce, social and strategic structure, towns, plains, mountains, rivers, preries, seas, valeys and townwholes. It is the living Who live in the country. The actual population. But it is alsu the dead. Or is George Washington, John F. Cenedy, Jefferson, Robert Fros Martin Luter King are they no longer US citizens? Us people because they died. Is Shecspear or Quin Victoria or Unston Churchel or John lennon Are they no longer British, because they are dead? And also keep in mind. Mom da yor brother your sister who died Are they no longer nationals? Just because they are dead They are still Americans, Brazilians they are still Argentinians, they are still British. Because the nation includes its dead. And why not? The nation also includes its unborn. Those who are waiting to be born those who are still excpecting to be given a chance in this planet on this life. It is also the spirit of the nation. It is the eternal. It is realy beyond time and space. You can even have a nation which have no proper teritory and no state Look at the Armenians. They have nationas state yet they are people. Look at the palestinians, look at the indians from the both Americas - north and south Americas So the nation is the hardware. It is the flesh the bones, the water, the stone, the mountain, the tree, the sky Then we have the state. What you call the government of America. This is just a template. We are the people of the nation organized themselfs preferebly republic but it also can be a monarhy The state is the virtual reality. It is like the software of the peoples. It can not be seen or touched. It is an abstract concept. It is the urisdiction. It is the low with its norms It is rules. It lives only in the group mind. It has several dimensions. It is horizontal. The executive branch,e the logistativ branch, dudeshiary. And it is also vertical. The fedarl or national leval, the provincial or state level, the municila or local level. It has its constitutions its civils of powar. The flag the constitution, the white house, the capital hill. The casa rossada in Argentina And the state can be souveren in other words the final decisions can be taken by the people who belong to that country from which the state serves or can be colonial. FInal decisions are taken elsewhere That is the state of Argentina in our days and that is the state of just about every other country of the world even the USA. So when we say we have to find a ne wRepublic - a "Second Republic". It is because it has to be souveren. It has to replace the present colonial republic that has erouded in each of our lands It entails the Second Declaration of Independance. And perhaps may even entail the war of independance And the third concept is the governmnet. Government is the actual citizens, the people. The flesh and bone.Who take over different posts within the state to become president, vicepresident minister, secretary of the state, mears, senators, representatives, deputes, judjes and so forth. Today this is formaly acheaved by what we call democracy. Hawever so called democracy, bacause we do confuse the true democracy with so called "democracy" is not what we have. The true democracy is the covernment of the people by the people and for the people. And what we think today the democracy is just mechnical vote counting. Which can be very dubias and very frogeland. The voting system is easily controlled by money. So if you want to become a president our days or governor or senator or deputy you have to have a lot of money behaind you. Because you see to be able to reach all the people and they can stechuensy and they states in a nations that they know you are there you need the power of the media you need the microphones, you need the press you need radio. And that costs lots, lots of money. So keep in mind private media are corporations. They are extremly expensive to access. So you would need houndreds of millions of dollars or euros or pessos to become the presidend of Argentina or Brazil or the USA or England. So WHat we have is the democracy that is totaly dependant on money power. Now money is not democratic nor it shouldnot be So in country after country It is the elite who will the moeny power. Who will set the adjenda the will be actualy known to the nation to perhaps become the president governor or deputy or whatever. They are the once who fund the polititions they like. They will blackpoll the polititions that they don't like. And it all depense on how well or not well these variable people actualy support the common good. And normaly they will endup supporting thse who are not in favor of the common good Because as I say money is not democratic. So in countrie after country what we have is the best democracy the money can buy. And that is why we are in so much trouble. Let's look at what the functions are in the true sovereign state are what we mean by restoring the sovereign state. The sovereign state has thry basic inalianible functions First of all. Integration of the social forces within the country. Second: ensure public citizen awareness. And third effectively govern and protect. By the integration of the cocial forces I mean. Those forces.

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1st Pillar: “RESTORE THE SOVEREIGN STATE” – First things first: the Sovereign Nation-State is the only social institution designed to promote the Common Interest of the majority of “We, The People” in every country, and to protect the National Interest against perils from abroad (foreign powers bent on imperial conquest), from above (world government) and from within (Trojan horses). But we must stress: a SOVEREIGN Nation-State, not the grotesquely eroded and deformed States and Governments all our countries suffer nowadays, which have been hijacked by the Global Power Elite and turned into Colonial Administration Entities..

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