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We will talk today about water. The whole project is about water, so that everybody can have water, in the whole world, in Senegal. Now look at me. Let's start the interview. - Ok. In your point of view, what is the most important for your family, and what do you wish for them? I wish they have a long and healthy life. - Look at me please. When you have a long and healthy life, you have everything. We would also appreciate some help regarding health, because when you're healthy, you can get anything. We welcome any help regarding health for our families. What do you pray for your family for? - I pray to God that they have peace, health, happiness, lot of money for them to survive, because when you have money, you have means. When you have health also, you can work, and so have the means to survive. This is why I'm praying to God they have a long and healthy life, the strength to work and the means to support the family. This is what I'm praying for. Now, we would like to know what you use water for, and how much water you use per day. We need water. We use water in all our activities. More particularly speaking of us, the women. We cook with water, we launder with water, we eat thanks to water. That's why we always need a lot of water. We can use from 6 to 10 bassins of water per day. When we wake up, we prepare breakfast with water. We launder with water, we cook with water. We drink water, we wash hands with water. So we welcome any help concerning water. Anything we can use steams from water. What would you think of the whole world, the whole village having enough water? We would be peaceful, more developed and healthy. I'm saying that because we, poor people, become worried when comes the rainy season and we don't have water. As we have water, we are happy. We expect water from the rainy season to plant our millet and peanut seeds. And pray to God that there is rain and everything goes well, so we can harvest and make use of it. That's why we think that water everywhere would be beneficial for us all. Water means our development, it is our grace. The last question will be about your opinion on what would be great to do in order to develop and raise people living standards. What to do to improve people living standards? - Yes. - Improving health would be great. And boosting economy. If we erase poverty and welcome health and wealth in the country, this will raise the living standards and lower problems. This is my opinion. - Thank you.

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AUDIO itw_AF-TAMassociati #1423-00-005_VDeliz

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