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Genesys OEC Demo

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Customer Experience is increasingly becoming the differentiator in many industries. Yet organizations continue to face challenges caused by poorly integrated customer experience systems. What if you could ... engage your customers to build lasting relationships by creating seamless experiences? Get the best out of your people through effective planning, coaching, desktop automation and knowledge tools? Successfully act on your customer engagement strategy and manage your business and IT operations more effectively? With the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution, each customer interaction is optimized through information and context from previous interactions and insight into the customer's intent so you can achieve desired business outcomes. Meet Jenny. She is looking for an auto loan. As Jenny wants to keep her cost down, she visits her bank's website to research her loan options. As she browses through the various options and rates, Jenny becomes overwhelmed and wants to figure out how much she is qualified to borrow. Since she spent a long time on the auto financing web page, a business rule was triggered, prompting proactive assistance. A window pops up with the message: "A skilled agent is currently available." And Jenny has the option to choose between web chat, video chat or simply click to call. Jenny selects a web chat. Based on Jenny's profile, journey history, and the skills required to address her needs, Kate was identified as the best available agent. She accepts the interaction and is directly connected to Jenny. Kate sees that Jenny is a high value customer and that she has been logged in into the bank's website investigating auto loans. Kate also has insight into the questions Jenny has asked the bank's knowledge site and is thus fully prepared to assist her. Jenny explains that she has questions on how to submit a loan application. Kate offers to guide her through the process and initiates a co-browsing session which Jenny accepts. Kate then shows her the location of all the necessary forms on the site. Satisfied that she knows what to do, Jenny wraps up her chat session with Kate. Kate then opens the CRM tab on her Omnichannel Desktop and enters notes from the interaction. The information is saved and will be used to enrich future interactions regardless of channel. Returning to the bank's website later that evening, Jenny picks up where she left off and quickly completes her application. Meet Ken. The bank has previously determined a four hour turnaround to review and respond to loan applications from VIPs like Jenny. Her application is automatically assigned to Ken since he has the right skills and is available. Ken is immediately notified of the need to review Jenny's loan application. He sees that Jenny forgot to include the start date of her current employment. Ken sends Jenny an email message requesting the missing information, based on her selection of email as her preferred method of communication. Jenny is away from home and does not immediately see the new email message from Ken. After one hour, a business rule triggers an escalation and Jenny receives a proactive notification in the bank's mobile app. Seeing the message and anxious to complete her application, Jenny decides to call the bank directly from the mobile app. Jenny is immediately recognized as an existing customer who is in the middle of a loan application journey. The bank also know that Ken previously worked on Jenny's application and is available. Jenny's call bypasses the IVR system and she is connected directly with Ken. Jenny provides the missing information and Ken completes the application. Later, Jenny receives a text message from the bank, notifying her the loan was approved. Jenny is now the proud owner of a new car and is a very happy customer of the bank. The next day, Jenny receives a satisfaction survey. Pleased with both her experience and the outcome, Jenny gives the bank a positive score. With the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution, you can ... Engage with your customers to build lasting relationships by creating seamless experiences. Get the best out of your people through the use of effective planning, coaching, desktop automation, and knowledge. Execute your customer engagement strategy and manage your business and IT operations more effectively. Genesys provides the world's number one customer experience platform, giving you the ability to ... Optimize all customer interactions and orchestrate the customer journey. Optimize your omnichannel workforce. Meet customer commitments with real-time SLA management. Proactively monitor and engage customers on the web. Leverage insights from customer experiences and journey analytics. To find out how Genesys can help you deliver Omnichannel Customer Experiences check out the Forrester Total Economic Impact study on The study reveals how enterprise customers across the world have achieved 158% ROI with a 12.8 month payback or saving over $20 million in infrastructure costs. Gartner has named Genesys a market leader in the Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure seven years in a row. Genesys is trusted by more than 4700 customers in 120 countries. You can deploy Genesys the way you prefer - in the cloud or on premises. Great customer relationships start with Genesys

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Genesys OEC Demo

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