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MOVE WYD - Small WYD 2 H.264 (1)

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Please introduce yourself and tell something more about your country, about you. Dzień dobry, first. My name is Walid. I represent the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia, which is called AVONA. Our base is in Bahrain. We are special of unite diocese because we are 4 countries, separate countries. We're like Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Arabia Saudia. We have more than 1 million christian Catholics in this area. And mostly they are expatriate. Which means, there are people coming to this area just to work. We're mostly Filipinos and Indians. We have some Arab people. We have some other European countries from all other the world. So it's like our day is a small World Youth Day itself. For us WYD is an opportunity to go and tell the world that we're here, we exist, we have a diocese. Because people doesn't know. Especially when they speak about Bahrain maybe they say: is there a Christian in Bahrain? We have and we have a group coming to Poland and they're very excited. How many people will come to Poland? For now we have around 150 but still we have time. Hopefully we'll reach 200. But for us number doesn't matter. We need people to have truly the Spirit of the WYD. We have some difficulties. Especially that most of the people are working to help their parents. They have this kind of dilemma: Should I pay money for the ticket or should I send money to my family in India or in Philippine. But people... They're choosing sometimes their faith. They're choosing this kind of experience, that they know that will change their live. And they're making sacrifice. They're making too much sacrifice to come to Poland, to pay their fees, to have meeting with all the youth of the world and to experience the WYD. We know there is a hard situation in your country. Could you tell us something more about religion situation How is the people there? For us religion is specific in some area, specific area. We live in the countries which are Muslim countries, so we don't have the freedom to express our freedom outside. We have the cathedrals. Inside the cathedral we can have our real faith, but outside we're not allowed to do anything. All our activity is based in the cathedral. It's our only place for worship. And your activity... what's the type? What are you doing? We have some youth activity. We meet youths from all different places. We are like the sort of community. We are one parish, one diocese. But we have different communities. We have Lebanese community. We have the French community, the Indian, even the Indian they have different, the Filipinos. We have the Portuguese. We try to mix them together. So they feel this belonging to one church, one diocese. And how many people are going to the church? How is the percent of the catholic people? On daily basis we have Masses. We have more than 10 000 people coming, but on different. We have a lot of Masses, which is good. If you go to our church you'll see, like, is always full, people are standing. Maybe it's because we are living in the place where freedom is not giving to us. We need to take it. And this is something that all of us love to share. Our faith is not granted. We live, for example, in Europe or in the US. They feel every sign is granted for them They have their churches. They have their freedom to do whatever they want. and then they make the choice. For us, maybe because we didn't have that much of choice we're more firm in our faith. Even some of us are afraid to go back to their home country, because in their home country they have everything and maybe their faith will not be as firm as in AVONA. So, we take it as... because we feel, like, a little bit persecuted it's like give us a fire from inside to give more I always compare it to the first Christians. When they were persecuted. They were having Masses in secret and we do have sometimes, our sharing in secret, in houses. Because it's not allowed to make it publicly. We feel this kind of pressure but we like it. We love it because it makes us stronger. We've got the God we've got the love of God But what's a Divine Mercy for you especially, for the people from your country? The Divine Mercy? When you say "Mercy" it simplify everything for us. We're thanks for the God for His Mercy. First, for the Mercy that we're still. We have job. Because for us, that we have the job, that can support our family. Because our expect of living in other countries is... The first thing that we have job so we can help our families. The Mercy of protection. We feel protected by His Mercy. This is the most gift that He's giving us. The protection. Because whatever we do, we do for Him and we surrender ourselves for Him. And thanks God, till now, nothing seriously happened to us and it's all because of His mercy. And when we see Mercy, we basically link it to John Paul II. For us John Paul II is our salvation. Not he is salvation for sure. Because Jesus is our salvation. But he is one of the pillar for us to help us, to find the salvation. The concept of the WYD especially for me, I'm Lebanese. For us John Paul II was big in our eyes. Because I remember when he visited us in 1997. I was so small. I was 12 years old. I sat 2 days on the TV just to watch him. And the way that he changes people. He teaches us how to stay youth in our heart, in our spirit. Because there were ages. We will be more than 30s. But he tells us how to stay young in Christ. Because - he said that - "Even I'm young on my 80s." By his example we're living now, to be disciples of the Christ. Please, invite the young people from your country, from all over the world that hey should come to Kraków for the World Youth Days. I invite all the people, all the Catholics in the world, even non-catholic, to come an experience this amazing festival of faith It's not like any other festival. It's like you can go to a concert and the second day you forget it. But such kind of events you'll never forget it. It'll be a life changing experience. One moment, one second, one meeting with someone can change your whole life. I can remember my experience in Madrid. It was only one moment It was one lady, that made me change my whole life. and make me now a group leader. I invite you all to come especially to Poland, the birth place of John Paul II. It has been my second visit to Poland, my meeting with the people. I can understand why John Paul II was a saint. Because the Polish people are so nice, so welcoming. They have good food, everything. So please come. Let us meet. I want to meet you in Poland. I want to share with you my faith. I want to have your faith. We are expecting you. They're excepting you. Together. It will be for His glory.

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MOVE WYD - Small WYD 2 H.264 (1)

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