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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~13:01:13 - 13:16:14

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Wanda! Have they been her for long? Get out of here! Wanda! Ask Auntie where it is. -Auntie! -Your nsima [cornmeal] is in the kitchen, in the house. Take the nsima, the side dish is already here. -Take the nsima, the relish is already here. -Got it! -Edith! -What? I got an orange from down there yesterday, right? Tadala told me that she'll give me those popular pencils. Wanda, those ones. She gave me this one, she says I should... That I should have traded it for the orange. I'll buy it from Jesse. Did you get the small bucket? Hot! -Edith, is that only for you? -Yes. -And me? -Get yours. Separately? Maybe they put your share over there. I've just been told to get my own. Auntie! Yes. Memory, bring some water. -This one wants to get married? -Yes, imagine! This isn't yours. Sit and eat. -Isn't this the same one I met earlier? -Yes, the same. -Wasn't he with a woman this morning? -Yes. -Very childish. -That's it! That's Lindiwe's. You should eat here Naomi. No. Don't eat from Naomi's. -Aunt, everyone gets two each. -Should the stranger see us quarreling? Lindiwe! Here you go, Naomi. Now go to your mother. She's refusing to share. Leave her be, Naomi! Naomi. Come, leave her. Will shall do our own frying ok? -Who wants water? -Them? Come. She took it from you? Sit down... sit. -He came all the way to do this? -Yep. He came the day before yesterday. I will fry up an egg for you, alright? -Right here? -Right here. -What about eating nsima, does he eat it? -He eats it. I should have bathed earlier and gotten dressed up then. Welcome, welcome. They can't hear. -He's refusing this nsima. -But he ought to eat. Oh, Yilonda? Sorry, sorry. No! But did you get some medication? Yes, I got some. I hope it’s for real, I don’t know. Better that, since a hospital doesn’t lie. -No, even the way they were giving the medication, they were really giving it. -Is that so? -They do give quite a lot. -Really? No, you’ll be alright. -Thank you. -For sure. This is a good omen... We took Mpate Road. -Yes, there. -I passed right here, but wait... -Yes. I should have passed over there? It's a challenge. Yes. Eat your nsima. Shall we go? We should get some money to buy eggs, right? We'll buy more eggs. -Did she refuse? -Let it be, tomorrow we won't give her any. Right Lindi? Nowadays, you don't play with Lindiwe, so I gave her some. These kids will make a fool of me in this film. -Who? -This one and Naomi will make a fool of me. Fighting over the nsima. You look upset. I do it for the mice, not mosquitoes. I'd like to drink some water. I enjoy eating like this. -Did it fall on the ground? -Let me get some water. Come and get some, Naomi. You're so cheeky. Doesn't Naomi share with you? Come and get some. -Are you having beans? -Yes, we are. -Will you share your vegetables with us? -They're in the kitchen. No, no, no, Lindi, no, those are my vegetables. I didn't refuse to share. Gift, you need to take a bath. I'll get some soap for you. -Shall we start eating? -If you have something to say, say it. You're having more? Won't you get full? -You're adding more? -Yes! You should get permission for those vegetables. Go and get a little from the kitchen. -The vegetables? -The beans. Go on then! -Go and get some. -There's no more nsima. Won't you eat this? I'll have it. We'll nibble on this, it'll be good to just nibble on this. Berita is doing some needle work. Gosh, look at Naomi's hands! Mine will be in here. Edith!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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