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XO Top Disassembly

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Note the tools. Pliers are also helpful! First, remove the battery. Open the XO and rotate the screen 90 degrees. There are screws along the bottom Remove the 4 indicated. You'll have to work between the handles for 2 of them. The green side piece lifts up and out. Gently tug out the bottom cover. Set it aside. Remove 4 screws. Note their different size! Lie the screen flat. Gently lift up the screen -- careful, there are still attached cables! Lift up the black plastic bar to release the ribbon cable. Remove 4 screws. These are longer than the others, so keep them separate. Lift the screen back up and pull off the back cover. We've exposed the motherboard! This is a heat spreader. We'll get to these three screws later. Note all these cables. You can unplug them by tugging carefully. Pull up the silver cables. These connect the wireless antenna. There's one more connection on the back of the motherboard. Now, remove 3 screws and set the heat spreader aside. Gently lift up the motherboard and pull it out. Make sure all cables are disconnected! USB and SD Card Slot USB, sensor input power Wireless RAM CPU Clock battery Camera Gently replace the motherboard. Be sure not to trap the cables under the board. Replace the heat spreader and the 3 screws. Reconnect the cables. Push in gently. Don't forget these silver ones. And don't forget the connection at the back. Replace the back cover. Note the tabs. Fit the sides first, then gently slide up. Pick the right screws! You want the 4 longest ones. This is the screen's backlight. It can be removed by taking off the screws indicated. Gently push down the black plastic bar to secure the cable. Replace the four screws. Note that these are bigger, so pick the right ones. Don't forget to replace the rocker key. Replace the front panel - note the tabs! Fit the sides first, then slide up gently. Make sure it lies flat. Replace the green side pieces. Lift and rotate the screen so you can get underneath. Replace 4 screws. And that's it!

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Duration: 15 minutes and 7 seconds
Country: United States
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Posted by: andreatl on Jul 8, 2008

ILXO demonstrates disassembly of the OLPC XO-1 laptop for repair purposes. This segment demonstrates removal and replacement of the LCD screen and motherboard.

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