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G17 - Musicians and languages

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My name is Valeri, I'm the drummer for "The Missing Watermelon", and, even though it's difficult to classify our music style, we like to consider ourselves as a Progressive Rock band. In the social media, eh, right now in Facebook we use Catalan and Spanish to promote ourselves, and that's just because our fanbase, so far, it's only from Catalonia and some parts of Spain. So, there's no reason to write in English. As a musician, I've done different projects, my music has no language, I mean, it has no lyrics. And it's curious that the last project I've done, it's called "Insectum". I've made a "Suite" that it was; well, it means, a "Suite" is a set of pieces for dancing, with two ballerinas. And every piece represented an insect. There's a firefly, there's a ladybug, there's a dragonfly... And I thought: "Name it with its scientific name, and everybody will understand it." Therefore, the album is all written in Latin. We decided to write the lyrics only in English, because besides that we like a lot English language, we want to reach international public. So, we have to be able to communicate in a language that everybody can understand. The bands that have singed in English and have been successful, for example here there's "Wednesday Lips", with a video we had recorded here, it's a band with a girl who has family from England, and she's got a depurated accent, and on... And it works, but you know... I think the ambition in this market is so big they get lost in the path. I think every language, I mean, each one or band chooses it for its own market. When one band aims for singing in Catalan it quickly starts to send the demos to "Enderrock" in order to win something in this level.. I mean, the Catalan format will reach the Catalan Countries. We do have a Youtube account in which we consider it's easier that we reach some listener from another country, so, for this reason we write actually both in Spanish and English. And then, right now, very recently, we have opened a Bandcamp account, which is just to promote musicians, and it's very important for us, and in Bandcamp we only write in English, because we are looking other musicians' accounts from Bandcamp and everybody writes in English. I think the social networks in a musical level are basics, I mean, to be known... It's a tool we must use. I do consider that English is the twenty-first century's Latin, because right now if you wanna promote yourself and reach international public, and play in another countries, the only options you have is to speak in English. The problem about English, especially here in Lleida, I've seen it here, in all the bands that play in English, is that people don't mainly know English. And then yeah, it sounds beautiful and the public bethink more with the melody but they are short with the lyrics. What language do you speak in social networks?

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Musicians and languages

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