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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~05:30:44 - 05:45:45

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Yesterday, the water was coming out and then it just stopped. Now it's completely stopped. Hey Joe! Hey Elube, why are you washing so early? -Is that so? You must've woken up so early? -Not really, I soaked them last night. Is this enough? I want to take a picture. -I want to go first, before you guys. -No. Hey look, you've touched some dirt. -Yes, I want to make them sick. -See that, Memory! -I won't accept that. He's been obedient everyday. He's going to church. That's lucky. Whenever the tap stops running, we'll pick up the pail and leave the well. They say we should split it in half. Do you understand, Edith? No, you've filled it to the brim. Let's see how you put it on your head. We should each do it in our own way. The water's so heavy. Do you want me to pick it up myself? It's impossible. It's better if I use one hand, while the other hand... -Get ready. -Just wait, Memory! The tap at the mission is better. It runs faster. But here there isn't that much water. At the mission, the pails get filled faster. When the tap fully opens, the pail gets filled up right away. -It'll take time to fill Atupele's bucket, it's slow. -Don't discourage him. It's running slower, I'll laugh if it stops. Me too, when water stops running, I never want to be affected. -At least it stops after I've filled my pail. -Me too. Whenever it airlocks, I will pick my pick... "Play, play, play..." -Stop that, there are other people who want to draw water. -I had closed it! -Luckily the pail's full. -Is that full? -No, no. Imagine how cold the weather is, then to stumble and spill water on yourself. -So you've picked it up by yourself? Now it's my turn. -I always manage. It's been a long time since I came to draw water from the tap. You're used to the water pump. Hey, drawing water in this cold weather? -You know I can leave the pail, so that you can come for the third time. -Leave it! Do you think if I go to drop this pail of water I can come back? -What? -I've done my part, I wouldn't mind if the water wasn't enough. -I can kick you in the butt... -And I'll slap your face! -You think I can't retaliate and make you cry? -So I should kick you? -So I should kick you? -If you make me drop the pail, you'll have to go back to refill it. -No way! -And give it back to me at the same place you caused me to drop it. -You'll fall with it. Can you manage to carry this? If you overfill it you'll keep tripping and the water will splash out. Yeah, and to make it worse, it's even cold. That's just perfect. -I'll give her the same ones. -I'll run like hell. I'll see her close to home and coerce her. Ok, don't follow us alright? You guys are cruel. -What? -We should go back. Why are you walking like you're about to fall? The white woman can't understand you, try to speak some English. -What? -You should speak English because the white woman can't understand what you're saying. -I don't know what mnyaa mnyaa mnyaa. -What? -We're going to speak English all the way. -We're white too. They just say "Hello". -Just look. -He's exaggerating. -What? -He bought a sweater, and he really likes it. You can't take it, even if he goes into the bush. -...ok it's there. -Yes! I was wondering! -If you open that place, just beside it, he put a paper. -A cloth. -Yes. -It kept me wondering. -Eh, the mentally disturbed person bought him those yesterday. -Those old ones? -Yeah, that big dress there. -Which one? -Did you take a look at it? -Which dress are you talking about? -Okay it's fine, let's just go. -This one! This is a blouse. -I don't, but the thing in the middle looks like... -That's a pair of trousers. -No, it's not trousers, or maybe it is... -Oh really? Okay we'll see properly when she wears it. -Sunga! I thought that blue thing over there was a pair of pants? -Keep it, it's near to its matching shorts. -You thought it was a pair of pants? -Yes, then what is it? -No it's not! Ok Sunga, we'll see what it is when Lokali wears it, then we can kick her. -When we come here, we'll see it. -Then when we see it? -What are we doing here? -You don't come here often? You don't beg? -I don't see why they closed this road. -Pipe! Until they used pipe water to mop. To mop? Really? If I knew I wouldn't have come. This is stupid. Even the water that Noel took, just because the water was in a pail. -Because Hilda's water is not in a... -A pot? I thought it was tap water, why do they use it for cooking? What about the drinking water? Do you also have to put it in it's own pot? The bucket is better. The small bucket is better. As for me, I didn't fill it up to the top. I thought you were the one who didn't fill it up. Yeah, it's full to the top. Sometimes those other guys want me to help them put the pail on their head. -Who? -Noel and his friends. -Okay. - I didn't even help them. These kids are making the water place dirty when they splash water on themselves. The one you held, this one. We'll look for one at school where others get them. -Yes! In the class? -Yes! -Isn't it over? Just answer. You're running away? I'm walking. My leg hurts. Remember that time when your aunt said you should wait for me? You should've been gone by this time. You should've been on your way back, as well. -Sometimes I wish my heel would just peel off. -Dislocation, dislocation, dislocation. Should I teach what dislocation is? Dislocation is when the bones move out of place. -You thought it was still around? -I'll tell you about dislocation. Dislocation is... -I know. -It's the separation of bones. -Did you see it? -No, I'm talking about the smoke. Nothing's happening. Nothing's happening, I'm looking at it but nothing's happening. Let me keep on looking at it, it might just come out surprisingly. Sometimes it just comes out for a little while and then stops.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 24, 2008

Water pails in hand, Edith and Memory climb the small hill behind their home to a nearby water well. They find Elube already there, and begin to fill their buckets after she has finished. The well is unreliable and not nearly as good as the one at the Mission, according to Edith. Memory ambitiously fills her pail to the top; Edith does the same, and the girls are off down the dirt path home. They gossip about their neighbor's wardrobe and jibe one another along the way. Memory's hurt her ankle, and Edith wonders if it's a 'dislocation'. Jessie, the videographer, pauses to catch a glimpse of the rising sun peering up over the horizon.

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