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Consciousness 4 - Healing and Disease in Consciousness

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Desteni Presents Healing and Disease in Consciousness Let's look for instance at cancer and look for instance at the process that was presented by for instance Brandon Bays and those that has been using forgiveness as technique of self-healing especially emotional healing what is emotional healing? emotions are generated when there is friction within the physical and, there is friction between the consciousness and the physical for instance the being that is the consciousness which is the identity that plays god over the physical body is abusing the physical body because it is attempting to form the physical body for instance in a way to attract other physical bodies to have a consciousness relationship with them because relationships in essence in terms of sexuality and so is not a physical thing it is a consciousness thing it is seeking somebody to love or is experiencing a rejection to a such a degree that it feels it is invalid then that whole state of energy which is consciousness because consciousness is formed from the energetic production of the cells of the I mean the world system is the same the world system exist because of the ener- the human that produced the energy the movement, within the world system which is then measured with money for instance the same thing happens within the being that is now compromising its relationship between consciousness itself and the physical body it is compromising the way that the energy the food, the support in the body is moving and that will cause then an uprising in the physical that means the cells at an- individual level will start to come together and say: Ok, I am no longer supporting this political dispensation of this identity I want to change in my world and then that uprising when it take goes out of control you will have a mutation that means a complete resistance to the consciousness occupant of the physical which is then disease like cancer for instance and when that happens then the consciousness is in severe trouble and only normally where a being would consider and that consideration is within the principle of forgiveness principle of emotional harmonizing that means to sort out the emotional dysfunctions that is pre-existent within the relationship between the consciousness and the physical those people will heal in some cases it depends, obviously it's more like a point of luck because the approach of sorting out the relationship between the physical and consciousness is not understood that that is actually the point that needs to be considered so, the person applying forgiveness or using emotional healing techniques and so on they are not considering the cells as individual 'one and equal' they're imposing virtually a form of healing by imposing a balance or a harmony which is why it is not a consistent healing that takes place it only happen in some cases it will be very much depending on the individuals is very similar to various countries in the world in some countries there will be a greater resistance to particular forms of political opinion than anothers and therefore changes will happen according to what the opinion is what is the point of view of the individual the same happens in the body the individual cell will respond according to its own will and consideration in terms of what it has experienced in its past whether it trust the person that is the consciousness from a perspective that it is actually changed and that it's worth to give it another try it's like saying: Ok, I'll vote this government in again maybe this time they will be better and therefore if you look at what happens if the consistent abuse continues between the god consciousness - the personality identity of the physical body and the physical and that abuse continue eventually the physical will kick out the host it will kick out the god and the physical dies because the system no longer is willing to function cohesively in the service of the god consciousness of the physical human being and I mean that's as close as the human can get to god and now the human is trying to ascend, trying to move away from its physical while that consciousness which is yourself is actually produced! by the physical you remove yourself from the physical you no longer exist you are going into complete separation look at what really happens within the process of the human becoming aware from the moment of birth till the moment of where you are now and spend some time, in self-honesty and you'll notice the real power that which created you was your physical body you are there at the behest like a president of a company like a president of a country, or a president of the world a leader of the united nations you are that which speaks on behalf of all the parts of the physical body that you are in you are not aware what they are doing at a individual level and you don't even care until they revolt and you get sick but are you really sick getting sick? you are not you are being rejected by the physical as an appropriate government for it or spokesperson deal with it sort out the relationship and you will heal Please join us for Discussion: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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