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United, Cigna and Aetna are leaving the business.. Humana pays 0% to 3% on new business Molina and Ambetter are paying around $20 per member and Florida Blue is paying $140 per member... No problem, with Florida Blue we'll kill it... Petreeko... Florida Blue...

is not paying any real time agent because sherpa didn't assign Whiffen as the agent.. Everybody leave the room except Jose, Walter, Dino, and Tewes... WTF!!! I wrote over 1k apps with Florida Blue! Why didn't management warn us of these shit! And BCBSTX is also trying to fuck us in the ass!! Why Jose didn't tell us to open a Sherpa acc under whiffen's name... Piece of shit, he will regret it!! Petreeko, Management should have told you about this..

Why do Latinos like Jose always game the system, BUILD A WALL! He is a US Citizen Petreeko, not an illegal alien.. Miguel Cabrera is also a US Citizen and a SPIC! I thought we were a team!

I was negotiating Mark's Ferrari but I will now have to refinance my Maserati!! My THE BREAKERS Club Membership will be cancelled if I don't make this money!! And I will have to go to a Public Beach in a 2012 Maserati.... I have to get my god damn money.. Even if I have to kill Whiffen in the process!! I have over 2500 clients... which I got through hard work and networking at swinger clubs.. Now I can't have 3 hot assistants flipping apps and flipping her thongs... One day I may have to hire assistants from the Phillipines... I will never do that shit... I rather become a Gigolo in Palm Beach Island than live a miserable life! Don't worry baby, John won't let us down...

Tell Whiffen to send me his florida blue account information.. you never know maybe it was a mistake.. I'll check if my apps were at all assigned to him and not me.. Maybe I can keep my hottest assistant... Move guys!

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Posted by: luisholl on Oct 20, 2009

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