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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~10:27:36 - 10:44:33

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Do you see those pillars? Restored again by the Archaeological Department.. Right here.. You can see them now..and the mud And you see the garbage there ? That's elephant shit In the olden times, they would come through this way and go to the temple like this.. But now no more Now they go through the main road and stop their cars and then visit the temple like this, visit and return. Today is Saturday, that's why this. And you see up there? No no, here...behind this stone This is the watch tower. One can go to the top for a good view below And below the watch tower there is a cave So we are going to the cave now We'll go to the cave now and than the Ashram and the temples If you would like to take a picture here go ahead, the view's beautiful Isn't it beautiful ? OK? Good picture? Slowly, this way So this is the cave! Don't worry So in the olden times, they used this way to reach the Ashram. But today the cows sleep here and the dogs. Take care here, it's wet This is garbage thrown from the Ashram This is carved out of a big stone. Once a month during the Full Moon poor people from close-by villages are given lunch Big queues on that day Few places like this one. This statue here in the Ashram was brought from the temple In the rainy season, water seeps in little by little This is one of the biggest stones. Once a month, even I'm here for lunch Smells good And this building its called the Kalyan Mantap. Its where weddings take place. This morning when we spoke of fire, it was here that they lit it This road reaches the Ashram and Marriage Hall You know him? And regularly we wait for customers here. Walking yeah to the Krishna Temple We are going to the Market first Five years ago, we played cricket here. But now they excavated here and found monuments and canals.. Its very difficult to walk eh ? Headache? No water in the tank. All empty and dry. We are in front of Krishna market. In front of the Market there is a temple tank. We call it [] They pray to Lord Krishna and use this water every morning to wash the statue The tank was covered with mud. But after the excavations it was cleaned. The heat though has left it all dry today When it was not dry, it looked beautiful. There was greenery with leaves and flowers. The market stretches for around 400 meters from the front of the temple Once a week on Mondays they used to sell vegetables here in the market The market was called Krishna Bazaar And inside the Krishna temple there is no statue Yes, this is the temple but with no statue It wasn't stolen but the head of the statue was cut off by the Muslims When the Archaeological Department carried out the excavations with UNESCO after the war, they found the stolen head with 5.5 kilos gold. So the statue of Krishna is now kept in a Museum in Chennai because it is safer there. This temple was built in 1525 and the statue came from Chandragiri and was fixed here. It was demolished in 1565 in a war with the Muslims. So if you want a couple of pictures, you can take them here Still the excavations are continuing here Its hard and not that easy to build big pillars No trucks. Just strong people and elephants. Now they have stones and chains to fix the pillars. Now we have to go back to the market again. Some problems here

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Duration: 16 minutes and 56 seconds
Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Srikumar Venkatraman
Director: Rahul V. Chittella
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Posted by: globallivesindia on Jun 15, 2009

Muttu & Satya continue walking as they look around.

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