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C3L7 Serve Return

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So how can we use our first three principles to nail return of serve? Consistently nail it, move out of the way of the ball coming at you. Moving into a wide or down the T serve and how to take a full swing. Most people can't take a full swing at the ball. Most teachers just say block the ball back. Thats teaching you how to stay a beginner/intermediate for the rest of your life. Not have nearly as much fun as these kids and decent players when they really crack the return of serve. So lets take a look here in slow motion. See he line up the 45 gets in his coil and as he comes out there is the S curve. See that he went from concave after he got into his coil stayed continuous as his hips draw off into the 45 degree angle his arm goes convex and then see how it just disappears the elbow just cracks and breaks and it just disappears, just so relaxed. Here it is again, Pow and there is the elbow, see that so its a very gentle follow through or as I always call it basically a disappearing act. Here is another view Paul is serving to Warren. He lines up the 45 look at that nice coil, small movements rises up and now look as he comes out of the coil he goes from concave right there to convex His hips are facing the 45, left holding him there and there you have it his racket head is laid back where that white arrow was remember? Thats it when he can't go to the 45 any longer the racket just really disappears there is no moving forward after you've hit the 45 degree angle its sort of plane . You just sort of brush up there to the 45 degree plane and let the arm relax. So your key is to really focus on the 45 and then work your sign curve through the center of your body work your sign curve. Now on the backhand same thing look at that nice coil. See how his hips are facing the 45, head is facing the 45 the coil now there it is his hips come around towards the net again now look it goes from concave to convex then he brushes out slightly convex as he makes contact slightly convex He is very good at it Warren, then just swipes up from there. Practice the return of serve, have your students practice the return of serve and really utilize our three principles cause we are moving on from here but you got to really get these three principles down its very important. The basics the foundation of your students games and its used on every shot. Teach your juniors your students to really to really crack the return of serve. That is one of the most fun parts of the game is getting that big serve coming in and sending it back even bigger!

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Geometry helps smooth out the serve return so you can swing away.

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