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Hi, My name is Vamsi.. I am from India. I landed in Lille on 1st of September, 2015. So, on that day at 10 AM , I thought of going to college On the way to college, I found no one on the roads!! I was very wondered, I was very much wondered!! What do French People do!! On a Monday morning 10 AM Back In India at 10 AM, roads will be full of people going to offices!! So, after few days I noticed that French people go early to work and come back early to their homes Back in India, the situation is very different. We go at 10 AM or 11 am to offices and return at 8PM or 9PM in the night to our homes!! So, thats the first difference Second difference is very obvious.. It is about food.. In India we eat spicy food But here, the food is very "bland".. If i could use the word bland.. and the food mainly consists of bread In India, we eat lots of rice and chapathis (roti) The third difference I could take about is road rules Vehicle owners here prefer pedestrians! As in, if a pedestrian is walking, they stop their vehicle on the road But in India the situation is very different You never know when a pedestrian is crossing the road or when a vehicle is going on the road So, it is very cumbersome in India If i could find 10 vehicles on a road in Lille, on the same road I can find 100 vehicles and 100 people walking on the roads in India So, the situation is like that The fourth difference I want to talk about is the way people greet here In India, if it is a make, we give a firm handshake and if it is a female, we touch until here, the fingers.. But in Lille, the situation is very different They rub their cheeks against each other, and they sort of kiss Gender does not matter It might be a male or a female The greeting is the same here.. So, these are the four differences I wanted to talk about... THANK YOU!!

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Posted by: concept23 on Nov 18, 2015


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