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nieuwsuur online dating 4mins08

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Are you Tindering right now? - Yes, I’m Tindering at the moment. Why do you do that? - It’s a very popular app nowadays, and you are supposed to meet nice people. Don’t you meet nice people in real life? - Yes, but not so many. What do you find important when searching for a date? I think a sympathetic appearance is important. But do you also think it’s important that she’s smart? I think you can see that to a certain extent on a picture. And yes, that’s also important. This is a new app, The League, it’s not live yet, so we cannot view it yet. What this app does differently than Tinder, is that it matches you directly to someone with the same educational level. I’m very curious to know what it will look like. This is Luxy, it’s like Tinder for very rich people. I think you’re allowed to join if you have a yearly income of more than 200.000 euro/dollar. And I just don’t earn that much yet, so eh… I need to be accepted before I can join. In the United States, research has shown that of those who married in the past 10 years, one third met online. This can be dating websites as well as social media. Let’s say that prior to the internet you met 20 people per month, and nowadays you meet 40 people per month, this means that you can be more picky. This is especially true for the best catches on the marriage market. Nowadays, people can select a best partner from 40 people instead of 20, and we can see that this leads to more homophily on the marriage market. So more super couples? - More super couples, yes. The consequences are that there is more contrast between families: wealthy families on the one hand, and less wealthy families on the other. And this does not just concern income, but also concerns many other areas. It determines where you live, where your children go to school, and even the success of your children at school. Additionally, we see regional differences. We clearly see a high concentration of super couples in the Randstad and city centers, whereas we can see that the less successful marriages concentrate in the periphery and countryside. And we should take into account that this is only the beginning of the process. My name is Janneke Gaanderse, 37 years old, psychologist and dean of the Hogeschool, and I write about love. I found my love via the Inner Circle. I was searching for love via the Inner Circle because I wanted to be sure that the nice guys were already preselected for me. When you subscribe to Lexa or Relatieplanet, you get numerous messages of idiots in your inbox, so I thought it would be better to try the Inner Circle. And it worked, these people better meet my wishes, so to say. But every higher educated can join the Inner Circle. People need to receive an invitation from an existing member. When people are invited, and subscribe themselves, we receive the subscription and look at people’s educational level and other matters before we accept someone. How many people are declined? - Of all the people that subscribe, about half of them gets accepted, the other half gets rejected. It is striking that we think it’s normal to watch advertisements of internet dating websites each evening, that solely accept higher educated people. Imagine that there would be a sign on the door of this bar which stated: "only for higher educated people". That would immediately lead to complaints on discrimination. But in the case of internet dating, I never heard someone complain that it’s not fair that it’s only for the higher educated.

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nieuwsuur online dating 4mins08

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