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Create Content Packs for my Organization

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Creating a content pack in Power BI is an easy way for anyone to package up dashboards, reports, and data sets to share with other folks in their organization. Then it's easy for user to consume them through an easy to discover content gallery. To create or consume one of these content packs, you need to be a Power BI Pro user. To get started, I come to this settings menu and choose create content pack. I can choose to share this content pack with a specific group of users from Office 365. To do that, I just type in the email address for the group here. Or I can share it with my entire organization. I give it a title, and I can add in a description. I can upload an image. This will be used in the content gallery so people can find the content pack more easily. You can see that when I choose a dashboard, there are certain reports and data sets that automatically get selected along with it. These are the ones that the dashboard already uses. I can come and tick other reports as well if I want to add those to the content pack. When I hit publish, all of this content will get packaged up together and published out to the rest of my organization. For reports on dashboards that are connected to on-premises sequel server analysis services, the user security will flow all the way through from whoever opens that content pack into that analysis services machine. So they'll only see the data that they've got access to. For third party cloud services, such as Salesforce or Zendesk, the content pack creator imports that data and schedules refresh using his or her credentials. As a user who wants to consume one of these content packs, I'll find it under the get data dialogue under my organization. Here's the content pack that I just created, and when I click that I'll see the same description that was published a second ago. When I hit connect, a new dashboard, report, and data set will be created for me using that same content. Consumers of the content pack can customize the dashboards and reports without affecting any other users or the source, but they can't modify the data set or refresh it. So that's a quick overview of how content packs can be used to package up information and distribute it throughout your organization. Give it a go yourself.

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Learn how to create content packs for your organization to use in the Power BI service.

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