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Ajan henki trailer

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I don't have any money in my pockets but I don't mind one bit. For the wealth of the nation can never show us the way to happiness. Rush Unemployment Stress Abuse Indisposition Crime Poverty Ecological disasters Famine Wars Spirit of the time A Finnish documentary film Since we have left behind the ancient times and feudalism and moved on into capitalism. we have found new concepts and practices for these old instincts, these old senses, which are inherent in each of us. Now we have this security of property around us. We have this competition about who owns more. It serves to fulfill our need for security. We have this kind of feeling. As has been said before, the collapse is inevitable. The main question is "WHO do we all owe to?" ? In whose interest is it to place several similar stores in the same mall? Who pays for the bank offices right next to each other? YOU This is waste that we should not be able to afford. Clothes and looks make you happy. That is consumer society's message to the youth. A teenager belongs to his community. He desires the same superficial conditions that his friends have. If you don't have money, you don't have friends. The youth with purchasing power has created youth fashion. Or did it happen the other way around? We are truly asleep. In a sleep of habitual thought patterns Vote. Take loan. Compete. As long as we bow down to fraudulent values. As long as we strive to get more than others have, we worship the boastful culture. Clothing, houses, riches, deposit books, titles. All that! By doing so we merely add anguish to the agony. We transform our lives to hell. WHERE DOES MONEY COME FROM? WHO HAS THE POWER TO CREATE MONEY? Quite a number of people are unaware that when you go into the bank to request for any kind of mortage it's as if the money appears from nothing at that moment Money is created in banks and it really is the beginning of the end, since this right has been given to the private banks. But no one else can create money than the Bank of Finland! Now this leads to the private banks only thinking about their own interests in this money creation process and thus an absurd pyramid scheme like this is quite easily achieved. At the moment there's more debt than money in the world. Surely we'll pay it back! How can this system be so fucked up? Apparently, the fact that everybody has more debt than money, like, the whole planet is in debt, is due to the fact that the nations aren't really in debt to each other, as such, but to the banks... primarily. I'm just thinking, if the state owes to the bank, how stupid is it to pay back? Because the state has an army... The bank has four cashiers and a cleaner. saving the life on this planet depends on this. That people really notice that they are asleep. And that they are lulled to sleep. That the majority of literature and culture we´re so proud of, tries to lull us in this destructive sleep. When we begin to swank. I must be dressed differently, better than others, I must have the latest fashion, and things of that nature. Insanity. I must have a deposit book, and so and so much of money in the bank. I must have so and so many hundred square meters in my apartment. All this insanity we hear day by day. And as long as we are in this sleep, we destroy the happiness of life for ourselves and each other. Because I don´t have to suffer anymore to be able to enrich the stock owners, I don´t give a damned shit about the salary, or company car, or options. Everything is shit, you can keep it. Keep the shit. How many times does it say "shit"? It says "shit" three times... That´s great. What do you think, can you stand it, if you would notice that everything you believe in is false. Trapped from the birth, your parents hooked as well, and brainwashing starts in school at the latest. Things are decided somewhere else than in the parliament hall. And it seldom happens that they are really addressed at group meetings either, so practically they come by orders then. I am serious. This is reality. If you think you´re free, escape is not possible. You can count the sheep, but you aren't seeing dreams. The pyramid schemes were forbidden, except this society. Middle class clichés. The poor are sick. We are not humans anymore, but production machines. The Elite is afraid of us, that´s why they support the system, where we get some grumbs from their table, no more. We don´t need politicians or authority. Those who desire power, always deceive others. Corporations, profitability arrays. The police are allowed to wear masks at protests. I don´t believe in the offical propaganda, bullshit like the war on terrorism. I don´t bargain down freedom, not even one centimeter. because necessity is a tyrant's argument. Towards sustainable future. The Zeitgeist Movement. Freedom can´t be asked for, you must take it yourself, and hold on tight, so that you don´t slip the grasp. It requires blood and sweat. It doesn´t come easy. Freedom by any means. IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP WE ARE THE CHANGE

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Duration: 6 minutes and 40 seconds
Year: 2011
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Genre: Trailer
Producer: Zeitgeist-liike
Director: Zeitgeist-liike
Views: 466
Posted by: mice on Oct 11, 2010

Ajan henki is a documentary film made by Zeitgeist Movement Finnish chapter. This non-profit film brings up some reasons for our society's problems and offers solutions.

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