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Shani Cave: My Brand Story

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Growing up, 小时候 I didn’t always like learning 我并不总是喜欢 my mother tongue of Chinese. 学我的母语中文。 During my childhood weekends, 每个周末, I wanted to watch TV and hang out, 我只想在家看电视或和朋友一起玩, but instead I’d be studying at Chinese Sunday school. 可我得去中文学校学中文。 But, as I’ve grown and 但随着我的成长, immersed myself in the culture, 以及与中国文化越来越多的接触和融合, I’ve realized the power of language 我意识到语言 as a tool for communication and building relationships. 作为沟通和建立关系工具的力量。 Through studying abroad and befriending locals, 留学找当地朋友, I’ve learned that sharing stories allows us to connect with people 知道分享故事是建立关系 and build trust. 和信任的桥梁。 My passion for the English and Chinese languages, 我对英文和中文的热情, imagination and creativity, 我的想象力和创造力及, and multicultural perspective 和我的多元文化视觉 help me tell the stories 让我讲的故事 that allow people to relate with others, 能使人产生共鸣, understand themselves, 了解他们自己及他人, and feel connected to the human experience. 并感受到和人性的关联。 Whether it be with words, pictures or videos, 无论是用文字,图片还是视频, I promise to help your team create compelling brand content 我保证帮助你们的团队通过通俗的故事讲述 through universal storytelling. 来创造引人注目的品牌内容。

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Posted by: shanicave on Oct 7, 2018

This video was prepared for a marketing course taught by Prof. Dawn Edmiston at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business, College of William & Mary.

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